50x more effective ad campaigns
Occupancy skyrocketed to 75%
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The Client
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A community of luxury multi-family apartments in the Memorial City area of Houston, Texas, located in the up-and-coming CityCentre neighborhood

The Problem
A community of luxury apartments came to us in March 2017 less than 1% occupied and less than 3% leased. Adding to their low occupancy was an SEO headache: the property was not showing up on the first several pages of Google. Even typing in the property name letter-for-letter resulted in a fourth-page placement.
The Dream
Dramatically improve occupancy rates—and fast—while increasing traffic to their website and driving a steady stream of qualified leads for future growth.

The Strategy
Xs and Os
This problem demanded a combined approach. PPC ads could be launched quickly and produce immediate results, but we also needed to employ SEO services that would improve their search ranking and increase organic traffic over time.
Search & Gmail Ads
PPC ads on Google and Gmail would target qualified leads based on web searches and browsing behaviors, reaching prospects early in their housing search.
Geotargeted PPC ads would reach prospects at any point of their search process, targeting local prospects likely to be looking for housing in the area.
Retargeting Ads
These PPC ads would help nurture leads who had already visited the property website keeping the property top-of-mind as prospects considered next steps.

Web Development
Establishing a conversion-optimized landing page would turn ad clicks into real conversions, ensuring our PPC campaigns created meaningful results.
SEO Improvements
Initiating monthly SEO services like on-page tagging and blogs would set the property up for future success, improving the website’s search rankings dramatically over time.

Digital Marketing
Web Development
The Results
Through this combined approach, we helped the property achieve dramatically improved occupancy rates and healthy SEO scores. In a few months, the property began showing up on the first page of Google results for relevant keywords and after six months, they claimed the first spot on the page for all branded terms. Along the way, their ad campaigns became over 50 times more effective, with higher CTRs and higher conversion rates.

But the biggest win of all is that a year after we started working with them, their occupancy rate had skyrocketed to 75% while their lease rate had risen to 84%. This means that the property had over 75 times the number of occupied apartments that they had started with one year prior and even more units soon to be filled. As a result, this luxury apartment community now has a sustainable Net Operating Income and a vibrant community of residents.
1st spot on Google Search results
Lease rate had risen to 84%