"John and his team provide an exceptional experience. From the onset, their level of engagement and interest was beyond the typical consultant-client relationship. Their proactive nature, willingness to help, and go beyond the “fine print” of the agreement are a few of the characteristics that make them great partners. We would not have been able to achieve the unprecedented results we did without their contributions and support."
Director of Operations at Gran Ciudad
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The Client
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Spanish Property Real Estate Marketing

Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur (GCNS) is a luxury mid-rise apartment community located within the Nuevo Sur neighborhood of Monterrey, Mexico. Surrounded by retail, restaurants, parks, and entertainment near Tec de Monterrey, Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur combines striking mountain views with modern finishes and resort-style amenities.

See how we solved this Monterrey high-rise’s traffic troubles and occupancy obstacles through web development and digital ads that led to a 500% increase in lease rates.

The Problem

In spite of its unique advantages, Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur was not generating sufficient qualified traffic to reach their occupancy goals. The absence of a formalized marketing department had resulted in a fragmented marketing strategy that was not achieving desired results.

The Dream

The team at Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur partnered with Threshold to create a cohesive and comprehensive marketing strategy based on US metrics but adapted to the nuances of the Monterrey housing market. Through this strategy, we set our sights on increased site traffic that would lead to more new leases and sustained occupancy even during the pandemic.

The Strategy
Xs and Os

To meet these goals, Threshold created a unique, compelling branding and competitive marketing strategy.


Research & Discovery

The first step was to dive into the Monterrey housing market and GCNS’s existing marketing tactics so that we could develop a research-driven approach to our new marketing strategy.

We began with an on-site study of the market, the community, and the GCNS on-site team to explore all the factors that were influencing current performance. With the full picture now visible to both Threshold and the GCNS team, we were able to diagnose the challenges faced by GCNS and prescribe strategies for improved digital health and long-term leasing success.


Training & Consulting

Because the lack of a formalized marketing department was a significant contributor to Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur’s fragmented marketing strategy, Threshold worked with the GCNS team to develop an appropriate job posting for an internal Marketing Coordinator. We also assisted with the job search, interviewing, hiring, and training for this new position to ensure GCNS would be internally supported by the necessary expertise moving forward.


Website Development

During discovery, we quickly identified poor website UX as a key culprit of GCNS’s digital woes. Our designers and developers quickly got to work on a revamped website with a more modern look & feel and more streamlined organization that would help users find the information they needed to take action by scheduling a tour or starting an application.

At the same time, we saw there was an opportunity to increase organic traffic through Search Engine Optimization tactics. We worked to provide updated website copy, image alt text, and meta descriptions in both English and Spanish that would improve GCNS’s organic search ranking and drive additional traffic to the site.


Digital Advertising

With an enhanced digital presence in place, we were ready to direct users to the site and start driving conversions. We launched a diverse ad mix that would reach prospects at multiple points in their renting journey.

Geofencing ads would increase local awareness of the property while Google Search ads would connect with prospects currently performing relevant housing searches. Facebook Traffic ads were also launched to funnel traffic to the revamped website, while Retargeting ads kept GCNS top of mind among users who had already visited the site or interacted with other ads.

Digital Marketing
Web Development
The Results

Now armed with a comprehensive marketing plan, improved digital presence, and effective advertising mix, Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur started to see the results they had long dreamed of.

Between their enhanced website UX and strategic ad mix, site traffic increased by 150% in 2021 compared to 2020. But even more impressive was the 500% increase in lease rates in 2021 compared to 2020, resulting from not just website improvements but also advertising strategies that focused on qualified traffic rather than just traffic volume alone.

These results were just what Gran Ciudad Nuevo Sur needed to achieve occupancy goals and ensure long-term success for the community. Not only did GCNS earn a 23% net gain in occupancy over 11 months, but with a trained Marketing Coordinator now on board, they had the tools they needed to ensure that a disjointed marketing strategy would never again lead to lackluster marketing results.