Cost per Conversion 3.5x Lower Than the Industry Standard
94% Occupancy by February 2020
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The Client
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The Grand at LaCenterra is a premier, multi-family apartment community in Katy, Texas. It is located in the award-winning Cinco Ranch community, offering the balance of relaxed lakeside living and urban excitement.

The Grand at LaCenterra boasts a waterfront boardwalk, a vibrant Main Street–style setting, and countless on-site amenities that contribute to a luxurious lifestyle for their residents.

The Problem
This community needed to attract more qualified traffic within their target demographic which presented a unique challenge. The Grand at LaCenterra identified that their current resident mix was over the age of 50. Their challenge was to attract that demographic without branding themselves specifically as a 50+ community.
The Dream
The Grand at LaCenterra had ambitions to achieve 95% or higher occupancy rates and maintain that rate consistently over time.

The Strategy
Xs and Os
With luxurious modern amenities and an incomparable location in Cinco Ranch, this community had plenty of selling points that would appeal to their target audience—it just needed to reach them. Together with Threshold, they planned a diverse ad mix that would drive qualified leads and conversions.
Phase 1: Building Awareness
In January of 2018, search, retargeting, and geotargeting ads were launched. A month later, a geofencing campaign targeting local hot spots, competitors, and divorce lawyers in the Katy area was added as well. This initial ad mix was designed to build awareness of the Grand at LaCenterra by driving a high volume of impressions and clicks.
Phase 2: Driving Warm Leads
After the initial ad mix had done the work of increasing awareness, the property team worked with Threshold to optimize ad spend toward driving warmer leads, higher engagement, and more conversions in order to maintain high occupancy levels at the community.

In October 2019, geofencing and geotargeting dollars were reallocated to new social and Gmail ads. A lead generation campaign on Facebook would allow us to leverage the beautiful photography of the community and drive warmer leads by capturing prospects’ contact information. Then, after confirming this campaign was reaching the target audience, the form was further optimized to include floor plan interest and move-in time frame. This information was sent directly to the leasing team, allowing them to follow up with leads in real time.

Digital Marketing
The Results
Since the optimizations implemented in October 2019, 64% of all conversions across these campaigns fell within the target demographic. That’s compared to a 47.5% average for the duration of these campaigns since their initial launch in January 2018. Since October 2019, Threshold has helped The Grand at LaCenterra earn an average of 50 leads per month while maintaining a high number of overall social conversions, averaging about 115 social conversions each month. The Grand at LaCenterra continues to enjoy website traffic that is highly qualified, resulting in an average of 170 conversions per month from all services combined as of February 2020.
1,976% increase for Search Ads and 908% increase for Display Ads
Occupancy rate rose from 0% to 85%