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The Client
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Remerton Mill Apartments is a student property in Valdosta, Georgia providing 1-3 bedroom apartments for students of Valdosta State University and Georgia Military College. The client came to Threshold for help after recently acquiring this property, looking to make sure nothing fell through the cracks during the transition.

The Problem
In order to make the takeover smooth and successful, the management team reached out to Threshold for help with a few challenges. First and foremost, the existing property website would be going dark and they needed a new website to take its place immediately. At the same time, they needed a way to continue leasing efforts without access to resident or prospect portals. They also needed new digital marketing campaigns and help taking over the existing social and reputation accounts.
The Dream
With the property in the middle of a transition from one management company to the next, the client was looking to seamlessly transition all of their assets while still maintaining operations and continuing pre-leasing efforts for August 2020 move-ins.

The Strategy
Xs and Os
We needed to move fast to ensure that leasing efforts could continue while the existing accounts and assets were being transitioned over to the new management team. We immediately got to work helping the client create and execute their takeover checklist.
Web Development
Getting a new website up and running was crucial to the client’s financial success for the Fall 2020 leasing season. We leveraged our industry-specific web templates and experienced development team to launch a landing page in less than two hours on the day of the property takeover.

This landing page empowered the client to resume leasing efforts by collecting prospect information to enable subsequent lead nurturing and driving conversions from their digital campaigns. It also put a much-needed end to a two-week period during which they had been unable to lease due to the previous website going dark.
Search and Social Ads
Because the previous management team had been running search and social campaigns, we were able to continue existing campaigns, but with some necessary changes. We redirected all digital ads to the newly launched landing page on the day of the property takeover. We also updated their ad messaging to promote specials on immediate availability (due to COVID-19) and Fall 2020 move-ins.
Domain Management
Although we could always outfit the client with a new website, it was important for SEO and brand continuity that we obtain the existing domain. Threshold’vs client success team contacted the owner of the domain for the website and initiated a domain ownership transfer so that they could keep the current domain name. Our digital team then assisted with pointing the domain to their newly built website.
Social Account Transfer
Threshold guided the client through the tedious processes of claiming ownership of Facebook accounts, updating Instagram credentials, and claiming ownership of their Google My Business page. These steps would ensure reputation management and social media marketing could resume quickly without a hitch.

Web Development
Print Design
The Results
Despite the change in management as well as the onset of COVID-19, the Remerton Mill Apartments team was able to successfully continue their day-to-day operations during the property transition. Through the development of a landing page and updated digital ad campaigns, they have seen renewed traffic and conversions, while the transfer of domain and social media accounts ensures they can continue to improve their digital presence and nurture their audience.

In spite of the uncertainty introduced by COVID-19, the digital marketing efforts begun during the property takeover are already having an impact. Clicks and conversions are on the rise as students and parents resume their search for student housing. Just a month after launching the landing page, total paid services clicks rose 40% and conversions rose by 17%. Search campaigns have proven most successful, with search clicks up by 74% and search conversions up by 57% with a cost per conversion of $25.73.
Ads and Landing Page Design for Remerton Mill