Organic Traffic Increased by 164%
69 Office Visits in 1 Month
Lease rate rose from 22% to 94%
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The Client
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Bedroom Rendering of SLX Atlanta
SLX Atlanta is an ultra luxury, hotel-style high-rise community located in Chamblee, just 13 miles northeast of Downtown Atlanta, GA. Like competitors in Buckhead and Midtown, SLX caters to residents with high expectations for on-site amenities and services.

Their key differentiator is their nearly endless array of club- and hotel-style amenities including an on-site concierge, a day club with heated pool, and a sky lounge with party bar.

The Problem
The client came to us in June 2020 while in lease-up, looking to reach a 100% lease rate ASAP. At this time, they were just 11.5% occupied, so they had a ways to go before stabilizing. Contributing to low lease rates were an existing digital marketing partner and asset management team that weren’t delivering results.

Seeking to rectify the situation, the client made the switch to Threshold for its digital marketing services, then later also replaced its management team, switching to Lincoln Property Company in November 2020. When LPC took over in November, they were occupied at 18.91% and trending at 21.95%.
The Dream
SLX Atlanta needed to find a way to reach its target audience in order to drive more qualified leads and get to their 100% lease rate goal ASAP. They looked to Threshold for help reaching an audience that included affluent, extroverted 25 to 45-year-olds who would be drawn to club-style amenities and opportunities to socialize.

The Strategy
Xs and Os
SLX Digital Ads
Lead Generation Ad Tactics
To reach SLX Atlanta’s target audience and get qualified leads into the leasing pipeline, we focused on lead generation tactics like Google Search Ads, Google Retargeting Ads, Facebook Lead Generation, and Facebook Retargeting.

We also updated ad copy and design to evoke a more sophisticated feel that highlighted the unique lifestyle at SLX and the iconic amenities it offers. This would help us better resonate with their target audience.
SLX Website
SEO Audit & Copywriting
Alongside digital ad tactics, we also needed to make sure organic traffic was in a healthy place so that it could serve as another source of qualified leads moving forward. We began monitoring organic site traffic and SEO rankings while working on updated website copy that would incorporate more relevant SEO keywords that reflected how prospects were actually searching for housing.
SLX Geofencing Ads
Geofencing Ads
In February 2021, we also added a Geofencing campaign to target competitors in Buckhead and Midtown. By placing geofences around properties that were similar to SLX, these ads would zero in on the target audience with high accuracy, reaching prospects with the highest likelihood of converting. They would also enable us to track physical conversions (i.e. leasing office visits), not just digital conversions (e.g. contact form fills) resulting from ads.

Creative & Brand Design
Digital Marketing & Reporting
The Results
Our new digital strategy drove results that made a huge difference to SLX Atlanta’s lease-up velocity. From November 2020 to March 2021, SLX’s digital ad campaigns earned a total of 1,321,044 impressions, 21,147 clicks and 1,308 conversions. With the strategic focus on lead generation tactics combined with updated ad copy and targeting adjustments, our campaigns delivered 28% more impressions and 22% more clicks.

Our SEO improvements also paid off with increased organic traffic and decreased bounce rates. Between June 2020 and Feb 2021, overall website sessions (including organic and paid traffic) increased by 66%. During that time, organic traffic increased by 164% while the organic bounce rate dropped by 19%.

Even more exciting, our geofencing campaign drove foot traffic to the leasing office, where leasing staff could really wow prospects. Within the first month, we saw incredible interest from two of SLX’s main competitors, which contributed to a total of 69 office visits in one month.

By the end of April 2021, we’d helped LPC increase the lease rate to 94.1% and increase occupancy to 81.6%.
SLX Statistics

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