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The Client
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Summit Place at Limestone is a luxury multi-family apartment community in Gainesville, GA located within Limestone Parkway’s growing business & medical district and minutes from excellent dining & shopping. Their community combines top-notch amenities with pet-friendly policies and modern interiors across one, two, and three-bedroom layouts.

The Problem
After a new company took over management of Summit Place in January 2020, this client turned to us for help getting occupancy up. The property had been struggling for the past several months to get their leasing trend to 85% or better. They needed us to build awareness for Summit Place and deliver qualified traffic to their website and leasing office where leads could be converted into leases. In particular, we needed to find the right targeting tactics that would reach their target audience, including many prospects looking to live near their medical & service industry jobs, as well as students and seniors. It would take a diverse ad mix to reach all these different groups. Additionally, with many units temporarily offline for renovations and upgrades, we needed to ensure a strong digital strategy was in place by the time they all became available in January 2021. It was important that this influx of available units was empowered to lease up quickly.
The Dream
Because they had been struggling with lease trend, we needed to implement tactics that would provide steady traffic while units were being renovated, then initiate a big push to lease those renovated units once they were online.

The Strategy
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Web Development
Since the existing property website was not conversion-optimized, the first order of business was to get an optimized landing page up and running that would clearly direct visitors to where they could start an application. The traffic that was converting was also more difficult to track because a lack of clear Calls to Action on the website led to few online conversions; those who were interested often elected to call instead. The conversion-optimized landing page would also make it easier for leasing staff to track qualified leads and follow up when appropriate. We used this temporary landing page while the client worked on a full website redesign that would be better optimized for conversions. In November 2020, all ad campaigns were redirected to the improved website where prospects could find all the information they needed.
Social Ad Campaigns
TikTok - From July to September 2020, we ran a TikTok campaign, incorporating a custom video that showcased the property’s key differentiators and other community and unit highlights. This tactic would primarily contribute to brand awareness within younger demographics, while other ad strategies would focus more on leads and conversions.

Facebook - Concurrently with the TikTok campaign, we launched a lead generation campaign on Facebook in order to drive qualified traffic to the conversion-optimized landing page. In October 2020, the property underwent renovations, so we paused the lead gen campaign and switched to a traffic campaign to give the team some breathing room since leads were coming in hot and availability was low. Once the property completed renovations in January 2021, they had multiple units they needed to lease quickly, as their exposure was 22%. At this point, we resumed lead generation campaigns on Facebook.
Geofencing Ad Campaign
Also in January 2021, we launched a geofencing campaign to drive a surge of prospects to the newly available renovated units. This campaign heavily targeted their competitors, preferred employers, and nearby points of interest like New Holland Market and Downtown Gainesville.

Search Ad Campaign
To further amplify the traffic to the website once units became available in January 2021, we put additional ad spend toward paid search campaigns that would capture qualified prospects who were currently performing housing searches.

Retargeting Ad Campaign
Finally, retargeting ads were added to the mix to stay top-of-mind with existing leads and encourage them to start an application.

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Brand Design
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The Results
The conversion-optimized landing page was the first major milestone toward improved leasing results and its positive impact was immediately apparent. Within the first month of the landing page being live, we were able to track 30 application starts, which totaled more application starts conversions than the client had been able to track for the preceding five months combined.

For the three months it ran, the TikTok campaign drove excellent brand awareness and reached thousands of potential residents. 437,736 impressions resulted in 124,296 video views and 4,025 clicks. From June to October 2020, our social ad campaigns and new landing page launch drove a total of 513 conversions that were much easier for leasing staff to follow up on and turn into leases.

After the influx of renovated units became available in January 2021, lead gen, geofencing, and search ads drove increased impressions, clicks, and conversions. In January, Search saw 22% more conversions MoM. Even more impressive, in just the first 6 days of resuming the lead gen campaign, 143 people completed the lead generation form on Facebook, while the first 5 days of geofencing yielded 110 clicks and 6 view-through visits. February 2021 drove even better results, with 18% more conversions MoM that translated into a 12.61% drop in exposure. January and February 2021 saw a combined conversion total of 488 and led to just 36 vacant units by the end of February.

As of March 28, 2021, Summit Place at Limestone had an exposure rate of just 7.66%, a 92.34% trend, and was 90.54% occupied. The leasing team had reached their goal and kept climbing, resulting in a healthy upward trend fueled by enhanced digital assets that would empower better results for years to come.