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The Client
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Exterior Rendering of The Penwell

The Penwell is a community of brand new, multi-family apartments in Odessa, Texas managed by a management company with over 3 decades of experience. It is located in the greater Midland-Odessa area near great eats, convenient shops, and easy access to everything Odessa has to offer.

The Problem
After a tremendous amount of growth in West Texas, the resulting population boom has given rise to many new start developments in Odessa and the surrounding area. Amid this surge of new developments, we needed to build a brand identity that would stand out from the crowd and entice the influx of new renters to choose their community.
The Dream
Having worked with us for years, the management company knew they could come to Threshold for high-quality branding and creative assets that would capture the attention of their audience even amid fierce competition. Their goal was to act quickly to launch the new brand, complete with a custom website and print collateral that would empower them to get started building awareness and attracting leads.

The Strategy
Xs and Os
Naming & Branding
The first step for our team was to leverage industry expertise and market research to develop a brand that would resonate with Odessa renters while also distinguishing the new development amid a wave of competitors. From the name to the logo to the colors and textures, The Penwell brand was built to evoke themes of quality, authenticity, and tradition. The logo was fashioned after vintage, ranch-style signage from shops that had once graced Odessa's streets. The look and feel was inspired by the historic beginnings of Odessa as a booming oil town with a rich history of cowboy culture and epic football teams.

This brand identity was further developed through messaging guidelines that would establish the voice and mission statement of the brand. A brand manifesto established brand cohesion early on and would be used to inform messaging on digital and print assets.
Web Development
Web Development
Next, we needed to establish the property's digital presence so they could build awareness and generate leads. The Penwell team needed a full custom website to ensure they wouldn't become indistinguishable from other new developments. Threshold quickly got to work on website design and development that took inspiration from the Odessa/Midland landscape and culture. Along the way, we highlighted the community's unique branding and amenity offerings, using the expertly-crafted brand guidelines to expedite our efforts.

Finally, to enhance SEO and capture attention quickly, we delivered a custom video to be placed above the fold on the website's homepage.
Print Media
Print Media
While building the property's digital presence, we also worked to empower the management team with the essentials they needed for on-site marketing. In order to help them build awareness and entice prospects, we designed branded flyers, stationery, and a brochure.

Web Development
Print Design
The Results
At the end of this intensive process, the client was fully prepared for a successful lease-up and had a head start on their competitors due to Threshold's quick but thorough creative work. Not only that, but our collaborative and comprehensive approach to branding empowered management staff to build brand awareness and loyalty. Additionally, brand guidelines empowered on-site staff and any future marketing partners to embody the brand consistently over time, reinforcing the advantages that the unique branding brings to their marketing efforts.

Our digital deliverables would also play an essential role in the property's lease-up marketing. Because we were able to launch a full custom website quickly, the client was able to reach prospects online and begin building excellent SEO, which would soon become especially important because of 2020's pandemic.

Speaking of SEO, the client's smart decision to work with us to create a custom video asset would not only improve their website's SEO and UX, it would also help bridge the conversion gap for those who have not and potentially will not visit the community in person before making a leasing decision. Plus, this asset can be used for digital ad campaigns too, resulting in a high return on investment.