Website Traffic Grew 1,375% Over 3 Months
Conversions Increased 391%
78 Conversions Delivered in December 2020
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The Client
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Exterior Rendering of Trailside

Trailside is a new start student housing community serving University of Washington students in Seattle. Their name and logo reflect the property’s location along the Burke-Gilman Trail, though they also enjoy a spot next door to the University Village shops and restaurants. Greek housing also resides nearby, making Trailside an exciting new choice for UW students of all stripes looking to experience one of the few purpose-built student housing communities in the area.

The Problem
The management team came to Threshold with naming, logo, and brand guidelines already completed, but they needed help with their website & leasing office design. Additionally, they needed to launch digital marketing campaigns as soon as possible to offset lease up challenges presented by the pandemic. And the pandemic wasn’t the only challenge they faced in attracting their target audience. Though their property location has plenty of perks, it’s not within the University District, where the vast majority of student life takes place. We needed to clearly communicate the advantages of their brand and location in order to entice UW students to try something new.
The Dream
The Trailside team set their sights on becoming the most sought after student housing in Seattle.

More immediately, they hoped to differentiate themselves from their University Village competitors and generate early buzz and lease sign-ups as quickly as possible.

The Strategy
Xs and Os
Trailside Website
Web Development & SEO Services
Our first priority was to establish Trailside’s digital presence with a custom-built website that would highlight the unique offerings of the community. Focusing on the outdoorsy, grounded, and approachable brand personality, we leveraged our web design, copywriting, and development expertise to help Trailside launch a full website optimized for both SEO and UX.
Trailside Lease Space
Lease Space Design
Trailside also needed a conversion-optimized lease space that would empower their on-site marketing and turn foot traffic into signed leases. With Threshold’s help, the Trailside team created an unforgettable lease space that would speak to today’s UW students, including topographical patterns and organic elements that highlighted the wilderness and other green spaces near the property. The pièce de résistance was a living wall that doubled as an Instagrammable backdrop.
Trailside Digital Ads
Digital Advertising
Finally, paid search, geotargeting, and social ads would be an essential part of generating early buzz leading up to the lease space opening in October 2020. As the lease up period continued, they would also be essential in driving continued website traffic and generating leads that would eventually be converted into signed leases.

Start quote
Threshold really took the time to understand our brand and help us take it to the next level through the creative assets and digital campaigns they delivered. We love the work they did, and their attention to detail made a clear difference during the challenges of the 2020 leasing season.
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- Senior Director of Marketing for one of the largest privately-owned, student housing companies in the US

Creative &
Digital Marketing
Web Development
& SEO Services
Lease Space
Design & Install
The Results
At the end of this process, the client teams were empowered with the assets they most needed for their lease-up period, even after the pandemic altered the student housing market. They had the optimized website & digital marketing they needed for virtual leases while also enjoying an incredible lease space that would help seal the deal for prospects who would eventually visit the property in person.

In particular, because we were able to launch a full custom website quickly, Trailside was able to reach prospects online and begin building excellent SEO, which would be especially important amid 2020’s pandemic. After the website’s launch, organic traffic began building quickly, with 25 users in September becoming 354 users by December (an increase of 1,375%).

Our digital ad mix also drove traffic to the site, resulting in promising conversion rates and excellent ROI. Our search ad conversions increased by 391% over 3 months, with 27 conversions in December at a Cost Per Acquisition of just $30, about 4x lower than the industry average. Even better, conversions from our lead generation campaign on Facebook increased by 77% over 3 months, with 78 conversions delivered in December 2020.
Trailside stats

Trailside Creative Examples