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Take an Online Selfie of Your Community

Take an Online Selfie of Your Community
May 28, 2015

Take an Online Selfie of Your Community

Here we are…The Age of the Selfie. What does that mean for you and marketing your community? It’s how people find your apartment community. It’s how you look online. It’s your Internet curb appeal. Become a residential marketing expert and take an online selfie of your community every few months. Here are simple steps can make all the difference and keep your online reputation intact. Online reputation should be managed daily.

The Home Page

  • Is your web site responsive and adaptive?
  • Does your theme represent the brand?
  • Is it resident focused?
  • Do your pictures dazzle?
  • Is your call to action prominent? Do you have a call to action?
  • Is your contact information correct?
  • Are the leasing specials up to date and accurate? Does the verbiage match your other marketing materials?
  • Is your copy well written? Free of copy and grammatical errors? Does it connect well with online campaigns and any ads?

The Contact Page

  • Do you have an opt-in form?
  • Test the form. Are they being sent to the right person internally?
  • Are they being tracked?

Leasing Online

  • Does your site have the ability to lease online? If not, it’s time to make the jump!

Social Media

  • Are your social media links working correctly? Are you tracking them through Google Analytics?
  • Are the graphics (profile picture, cover photo) sized correctly and high-resolution?
  • How often are you posting and tweeting?
  • Is your messaging consistent with what is on your website? Are you promoting any current leasing specials?

After you’ve thoroughly reviewed your website, it’s time to take the big leap. Google yourself! Definitely put away some time for this part of the Selfie.

Search both the key terms a potential resident would use and your property name. The key term search might be a combination of “service” + “location.” For example, “apartments Austin” or “student living in Austin.”

When you search using your property name, also search acronyms or city abbreviations. For example, use “UV” for University Village and “Tally” for Tallahassee.

Also search your property name on ILS’s like,,, or any other regional/local sites. Make sure specials, images, floor plans, messaging is up to date and consistent with your website and social media channels.

Digital audits only help if they happen on a regular basis, schedule your online Selfie and make it a priority. Have a plan. Create action items. And update, update, update! Before you know it, you’ll be trending and leases will be rolling in!

Threshold Agency is a full service marketing agency specializing in the student housing, multifamily, senior living industries.

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