Transforming Yankee Mattress Company: the case study.

Yankee Mattress Company was looking for a revamp to its branding along with a new e-commerce website. They needed a more focused approach to their target market, with stronger messaging and values that elevated their branding to the same level as their high-quality mattresses. 

Threshold wanted to position Yankee Mattress as more than a retail store, but an employee-owned company that’s invested in their customer’s quality of life. 


our approach.

new brand positioning & naming.

Following extensive market and customer research, Threshold created two brand concepts for the client to choose from, both with a core purpose, messaging, tagline, brand voice, and visuals. Each concept brought the brand to a more modern place, differentiating it from competitors by highlighting the craftsmanship that goes into their mattresses

a new brand look & feel.

The brand’s new messaging needed a new logo, brand guidelines, stationary, photography, apparel design, and more. We chose to design this brand with a logo font that spoke to handmade craftsmanship and a subtle mattress icon that would become a recognizable brand statement

a killer e-commerce website.

Yankee Mattress’ previous website didn’t allow for a streamlined online ordering experience. Our website design included easily navigable shopping categories as well as detailed shop pages. Each mattress product page included custom graphic designs that detailed each section of the mattress materials, making it easy for customers to browse and select the mattress best suited for them

We designed this website to mimic the in-store experience customers have, providing them with clear information so they could make informed decisions. 


we love results.

The final brand not only connects better with the target audience, but it feels timeless and elevated. Each aspect of the brand ties in seamlessly with the next, inspiring the company’s employee-owners and ensuring the quality of the mattresses is felt within the quality of the branding. 

One Year Post Website Launch (April 2023-March 2024): 

  • 446 New Users
  • 7% Increase in Engagement Rate
  • A 7% Reduction in Bounce Rate


before you go.

Yankee Mattress Company can now confidently say they’re crafting comfort for amazing sleep and better days. See the case study for a full look at the transformation our THeam created for them – and what we can do for you, next.

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