business from the left, party from the right.

The story of Threshold is a happy one, full of great characters, thrilling successes, and a few twists and turns along the way. Learn more about where we started, how we’ve changed, and what makes us who we are today.

Threshold founded with just 2 employees

The THeam worked from a small loft apartment–turned office, where close quarters build strong camaraderie

Group 112

Expanded to 5 THeammates

First Holiday Craft Party — so successful it became an annual tradition

Group 114

Launched first digital campaigns


Added 5 new THeammates to become a THeam of 10

Group 116

Outgrew the loft and moved to our Austin office on South 2nd Street

Created our original Core Values

First Cinco de Mayo Party

Group 120

Launched a promotional product distribution service, which would later become our sister company, PromoShak

Started our Threshold Hero Wall, allowing our teammates to show who they admire

Group 122

Kicked off first annual Strategy Day to plan for the following year

First Everyone Event— the boat party that would become our most cherished annual tradition

Shared our wealth of knowledge with our teammates by kicking of our H2HHs (How-To Happy Hours)

Group 124

Bowling Extravaganza for the Holiday Party


Full-service Digital Department established

First Hatch Chili Potluck

Named Google Premier Partner

Group 126

Expanded to 22 THeammates

First Pumpkin Carving Contest

Best Leasing & Marketing Innovator Award for work on the TODD student living brand

Group 128

This year’s holiday party: flexing our skills at Top Golf

Initiated new company perks for employees, including a gym stipend, weekly lunches, and designated work from home days


More THeammates means more space! We expand into the office next door

Group 130

Acquired Carve agency based in ON, Canada, rebranded as Threshold/Carve

Grew to a THeam of 29 employees

Group 132

Secured a spot as one of the top 50 fastest-growing companies in Central Texas, ranked by the Austin Business Journal

Celebrated the holiday spirit with an All Night Karaoke Holiday Party

Group 134

Launched PromoShak

Group 136

Expanded our client base to over 400 properties

Formed a Threshold Culture Committee

Group 138

Ranked #1158 on Inc. 5000 list

Unveiled 5 Year Anniversary Gifts at The Everyone Event

Zeroed in on our growing expertise within real estate marketing, officially establishing it as our professional niche

Group 142

Celebrated the holiday season in style with a classic Ugly Sweater Party

Ranked among the top 50 fastest-growing companies in Central Texas once again in Austin Business Journal

Group 140

Formed new internal committees focused on client relations employee development and support, and party planning

Group 144

Launched new website & new branding

Launched new Company Values

Group 154

Named Facebook Preferred Partner

Group 146

Celebrated Pride as a THeam

Kept things fun and mysterious with a speakeasy event with our clients

Inaugural Threshold Employee of the Year awarded at The Everyone Event

Group 148

Senior Leadership Team reaches 50% female leadership

Named Adweek’s 90th Fastest Growing Agency globally

Group 150

Who says holiday parties can’t have an element of suspicion? Our Murder Mystery theme certainly had everyone on their toes!


Won 4 MarCom Awards for creative branding and design projects

Group 156

New and improved Client Reporting Dashboard

Juneteenth is added as an official company holiday

Transitioned our THeam to remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Group 118

Kicked off the first round of ThreshTank, drawing innovative ideas from our THeam

Won 6 MUSE Awards for creative branding and design projects

Group 152

Adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic meant our holiday party looked a little different this year: socially distanced at a drive-in movie

Launched YouTube Services

Group 158

We renewed our vision to better reflect our values and who we are as a company

Group 160

Changed the name of our annual strategy day to Game Plan

Fully integrated PromoShak back into the family of companies under Threshold

Group 1621

Hosted our first in-person event with clients since the pandemic!

Won 4 Indigo Awards

Indigo 1

Had a stellar The Everyone Event—virtual edition

Launched ThreshWins, a peer-to-peer celebration of great work

401k benefits program launched in the US

Group 1623

We piloted CTV services for the first time, pushing our capabilities for what we can offer our clients

Created our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

Our bi-annual Mentorship Program launched

We created new policies and procedures to better the lives of our THeam, including a Mental Health Support Playbook, and our Parental Leave Policy

Group 1625

In-person client conferences resumed at the end of the year, and we couldn’t have been happier


Kept the virtual working spirits up by launching monthly THeam challenges, including a 30-day squat challenge, a 30-day plank challenge, and a 30-day walking challenge

Implemented our recurring fee website model and signed up close to 100 properties in our first year, wow!

Group 1627

Officially launched Hulu as part of our CTV services, expanding our digital marketing

Our Canadian office moved from Kitchener to SeaWay Coworking in Kingston, ON. Pretty cool, eh?

Launched our quarterly Cross-Departmental Shadowing program to give THeam members the opportunity to learn more about other roles and responsibilities

Group 1629

For the first time since 2019, The Everyone Event took place in person, bringing the entire THeam to Austin to celebrate!

Took over on more than 100 financial institutions’ digital marketing throughout the United States

Piloted a new Google service for our digital marketing clients called Performance Max

By the end of the year, our THeam spanned all five time zones in North America

Group 1631

Added a new and improved TikTok Ads digital marketing service

Group 1633

Reorganized our agency into three different departments (Creative, Digital, and Promotional) in order to ensure we’re doing the best work for our clients in the most efficient way possible

Won an Interface Student Housing Award for Best Community Name

Group 1604

Hired Threshold’s first COO!

Moved our offices to a new coworking space, fully embracing the current hybrid/remote work environment

Launched newly created websites for one of our clients with game-changing integration into Entrata

Launched our first-ever e-commerce website

Group 1635

Launched our very own Threshold brand refresh, ushering in TH 4.0

Implemented a new vision, mission, and company-wide values that continue to inspire the work we do

Group 1637

The Digital THeam put its heads together to provide even better reporting

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