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Threshold’s Financial Institution Marketing is supported by close to 100 years of both FI and marketing experience and over 100+ active clients in the FI space. Say that three times fast. From marketing for new deposit accounts to any type of credit need, our dedicated marketing techniques earn the numbers you have been searching for.

Our team has managed close to $8 million in annual spending for over 200+ FIs, expanding reach and optimizing efforts to drive real results. It’s our integrated approach to branding and digital marketing that leads to new account sign-ups. With over 35 years of combined financial institution experience, you’ll have a team of experts to support you.



Our depth of experience with over 1,000 clients in various industries has allowed us to build an agile full-service agency that connects people and communities with their future financial possibilities. We can do marketing for your auto loans, mortgage services, business checking options, brand awareness, Kasasa products, you name it. Our services help with any part of your marketing mix, and we’d love to put our expertise to work for you.

we’re experts in everything we do.

We’re taking our over decade of marketing experience and applying it to an industry that drastically needs our attention, helping financial institutions reach new levels with their clients. From targeted location advertising to conversion design, partnering with us means you’ll be able to take your marketing in a more tailored direction than ever before.


We get real, asap.

With Threshold, you receive genuinely stellar results that help you reach your most ambitious goals, all with one incredible team. Led by our CEO, Billy Wilkinson, who has an MBA in Banking and Financial Institutions and was formerly the Senior Vice President of BancVue (now Kasasa), it’s our results-based marketing system that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

A marketing ecosystem that supports clients across North America:


financial institutions

And Growing





media spend



marketing your everything.

Our processes are built to ensure that our clients have the support they need every step of the way. We work hard to anticipate your needs, anchoring our marketing to the local level and tailoring our tactics to your specific client journeys.


Drive growth by targeting your larger business products and credit card services. By looking at your financial institution holistically, we ensure you’re driving sign-ups to the most important product and service.


Our content marketing for financial institutions is designed to meet your clients where they’re at, with messaging that’s enticing and easily digestible.


Ensure your Kasasa products are kept top of mind for your clients with tactics that drive sign-ups.


From auto loans to mortgages and everything in between, we ensure your marketing speaks clearly to your product offerings.


Lean on our 100 years of experience.

Your customers and members are looking for financial solutions that are seamless, smart, and set them up for their future. Be the place that gives them all they need, and more. Let’s dive into how our team can empower you with the financial institution marketing tools you need to earn trust and grow your sign-ups.

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