Life is short.
Work somewhere awesome.

We're proud of what drives us.

Culture isn't just something that surrounds us, it's something we intentionally cultivate. That's why we've taken care to define not just what we do for clients and how (Our Purpose) but also who we are and how we support each other as a team (Our Pulse).

Our Purpose.

Using our depth of experience in real estate marketing and our belief that we are defined by mutual success with our clients, we deliver tangible and quantifiable results through innovative and creative lead generating problem solving.

Our Pulse.

We grow and earn career opportunities and financial reward while operating by self-defined, self-maintained values to master newfound skills, mentor our peers, and support each other because we are proud of who we are, what we create, and whom we serve.

We all choose what’s important.

In the spirit of intentional cultivation, we take care to center these core values in every aspect of our work at Threshold. Chosen and defined by our entire team, these four values are an indispensable part of our culture as we work, play, and grow together.

How Our Values Drive Us.

It’s one thing to agree on a core set of values, but it’s another thing to live by them. These are a few ways our values make ThreshLife better.

Culture Committees

4 Internal Committees Promoting Excellence, Growth, and Fun


ThreshTank Innovation Program

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Bi-Monthly “How-To Happy Hour” Training Events

We Believe in Celebrating Each Other.

Loving where you work means being surrounded by people who empower you and cheer you on. Here are just some of the ways we celebrate each other.

Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year Recognition

Spot Bonuses

Monthly Spot Bonuses


Internal Recognition for Embodying Our Values


Weekly ThreshWins Email Digest

All-Staff Events

All-Staff Events To Recharge & Celebrate

The Annual THundie Awards

Each year, we bring everyone together for the THundie Awards. Based on The Dundies of The Office fame, these awards help us celebrate the unique contributions of every single member of our THeam.

Check out the video from our 2021 THundies! This year, we honored the remote-work life with candid screenshots and clever usernames highlighting how each member of our THeam brings their A-Game and embodies our values in a unique way.

We're not afraid to laugh at ourselves.

Check out the blooper reel from our welcome video: