digital marketing for a lifestyle-first townhome community

Situated in Pooler, GA, Legato Lakes is a pet-friendly townhome community for tenants seeking modern, adaptable homes. We kicked off the project in August 2023 intending to drive leasing activity and achieve a 94% occupancy rate by April 2024. With this goal in mind, we created targeted marketing campaigns highlighting the community’s strongest features. From its new smart-home technology to scenic lake views, we positioned Legato Lakes as a sought-after space for more convenient living.

Threshold launched marketing campaigns for Legato Lakes primarily on Google Search and paid social platforms (Facebook & Instagram). To pack the most punch, we studied their target demographics’ core desires and buying patterns. These insights allowed us to create engaging ads that caught their attention and sparked action.

the results speak for themselves:




Paid Search Website Traffic Engagement Rate


Leased in 6 Months

the problem to solve

Legato Lakes sought to increase its occupancy rate, broaden its reach, and encourage leasing activity in 8 months or less. They needed a tailored marketing strategy that considered their audiences’ desires and communicated their unique selling propositions.

the dream

We viewed Legato Lakes as more than a neighborhood. Inspired by the brand’s commitment to convenience, we positioned this community as a comfortable, lifestyle-friendly haven for the modern consumer.

the strategy

Phase 1

google ad campaigns

With Google being the powerhouse it is, we knew we needed to leverage the search engine to create visibility for our client. These targeted ads placed Legato Lakes at the forefront of their audience’s search. We used quick, creative copy to turn heads and capture the click.

Phase 2

social ad campaigns

We focused our campaign efforts on Facebook and Instagram where we knew their target audience was present. Our creative team worked to create static and dynamic ads that aligned with Legato Lakes’s existing branding and stood out against competitors.


that proved our strategy worked.

Legato Lakes Results New



Total clicks to
the website


Paid search website traffic
engagement rate


Paid social website
Traffic engagement rate


Leasing goal Achievement:

Exceeded the 94% occupancy goal by reaching


By April 1st

Lease conversion:

Exceeded monthly goals with more than


Leases Signed Each Month

Total leases signed:


Leases Signed Over 6 Months

The campaign generated significant digital engagement, with high click-through rates and website traffic engagement rates on paid search and social media platforms. This indicates effective targeting and compelling ad content that resonates with the target audience.

Legato Lakes surpassed its leasing goal well before schedule, achieving full occupancy by April 1st. The consistent lease conversion performance, with more than 6 leases signed each month, demonstrates the effectiveness of the marketing efforts in driving tenant interest and conversion.

The community’s emphasis on modern amenities, such as smart home features along with the allure of lake views and private fenced yards, proved to be compelling selling points to potential residents.

In conclusion, Threshold’s strategic digital marketing campaign for Legato Lakes effectively drove leasing activity and surpassed occupancy goals, showcasing the community’s appeal and attracting lifestyle-conscious renters in Pooler, GA. By leveraging its unique amenities and focusing on customer satisfaction, Legato Lakes is positioned for continued success in the competitive rental market.


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