Behind the Scenes: Hero Images

Behind the Scenes: Hero Images

Regular readers of the Threshold Blog may have noticed some unusual pictures in our Thresh Faces blog series. We call these pictures “Hero Images” and they’re actually an important part of the culture at our residential marketing agency.

When we hire new team members, one of the first things we do is ask them to tell us about some of their heroes or role models. We do this for a couple reasons. First of all, its a great way to get to know the new employees a little better by understanding who they look up to and why. Secondly, our designers like to immortalize new employees and their heroes in carefully-photoshopped pictures, which we then hang on our “Hero Wall” in the office and feature on our website.

We’re up to 20 people in the office now, which means there are 20 framed pictures of Threshold Employees hanging out with their role models. The Hero Wall features a real cast of characters these days, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Matt Groening and Rosa Parks just to name a few. These influential people and their Threshold Employee counterparts hang on our Hero Wall as a reminder that everyone here has their own values and their own way of doing things. They’re also great fodder for conversation. Asking someone why they chose their “Hero Image” is a much better conversation starter than, “Some weather we’re having, huh?”

One of the perks of working for student housing marketing firms is that we get to feel young. We do a lot of marketing to students which means we can’t act stuffy or boring. We try to keep it light while also doing meaningful work, and the Hero Images represent that part of our culture. As we grow, we’ll be adding more Hero Images to the wall in 2017. Until then, continue to look for more Hero Images featured in upcoming posts from the Thresh Faces blog series.

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