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Thanks for taking the time to get to know us! We are creative strategists who eat, sleep and breathe Real Estate Marketing.

We are real estate marketers who know how to make an impact through design, creativity, conversation, and execution. Our clients own and manage over 4,000 communities across North America and our solutions have resonated with their customers. We use calculated strategies designed to shorten the lead-to-lease cycle, increase ROI, and reduce your media costs.

Threshold’s team has over 284 years of combined experience working at and with major owners, developers, and operators of residential housing and resorts. Due to our vast experience and knowledge of industry business cycles, our student, senior, and multifamily, build to rent, and single-family residence marketing strategies help our clients execute ideas quickly and affordably.

The creative right-brainers and digital magicians that make up the heart and soul of Threshold are a fun, energetic and experienced group of brand storytellers. Get to know us today!

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Billy Wilkinson Chief Executive Officer
John Wilkinson Chief Strategy Officer
Jen Maufrais Kelly Vice President of Operations
Ana Valdez Director of Accounting
Abby Browning Digital Marketing Manager
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Who We Serve

Ever since Threshold opened in 2013, we've had a habit of driving vacancies way down in leased properties like multi-family, student housing, and senior living. Through our proprietary Anti-Vacancy® methodology, we can increase website traffic, quality of leads, and conversions to promote faster occupancy.

Student Living

Goodbye Millennials. Hello Centennials. Born in 1997 and after, Centennials are facing a different world than Millennials found. Given that, how are your marketing strategies changing to accommodate this new generation of residents? What are the key takeaways you should know about reaching Centennials?

Mobile and digital rules the roost and Threshold has the student housing marketing strategies that resonate with them.

Invite them to participate in your brand, don’t just talk to them.

Student housing managers should provide their residents with amenities & services that are focused on providing real help, not luxurious side bars.

Geofencing and nurture campaigns will help student living marketing executives measure their sales funnel as competition increases


Renters by choice. It’s been a growing trend for the past several years as both young professionals and empty-nesters and those in-between seek convenient housing solutions. But reaching them when they are looking for information is becoming increasingly difficult. Threshold can help your multifamily marketing group achieve their goals by:

Building geofenced ads with specific keywords to give you quality results, not a quantity of unwanted clicks.

Working with your onsite teams and train them in the most effective outreach marketing techniques.

Helping to automate your digital traffic follow-up.

Designing fun, creative marketing collateral that sets your property apart from the rest.

Senior Living

A family’s decision. A lifetime of memories. As the boomer generation continues to age, senior living communities are having to do more to capture the hearts and minds of seniors and their families, and must do it through new media. There are many opportunities to improve a brand’s message and how that message is delivered. Are your senior living communities in need of updated marketing and design?

Targeted ads via search engines and other digital strategies will help more families find your senior living community.

Rethink your community’s collateral system to fit with today’s more sophisticated market including redesigning current systems or designing digital ones.

Senior living marketing and website design should tell future residents why you care and how you approach their lifestyle needs.

Provide products that help enhance your residents livelihood.



With urban centers becoming the heartbeat of growing cities and the increase in both high-rise residences and close-in single-family communities, developers are looking for fresh ideas to help their community stand out among the plethora of other for-purchase communities. Threshold is experienced in working with both developers and their sales teams to create memorable—and profitable—solutions. How can Threshold help sell your building out in record time?

Well thought out community name and branding that resonates with the local market

Coordinated sales center design and implementation

Fashionable collateral that sparks interest

Exciting events that draw in the right people who are ready to buy

We believe in the power of collaboration to overcome challenges. Thought leadership is at the heart of everything we do at Threshold.

- Billy Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer

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