Turn Super Parties Into Super Renewals

Experience has shown that retaining residents can be difficult work.  The end of an apartment renter’s lease signifies an opportunity for them to explore other housing options.  Are there any new communities to explore? Are there existing communities offering a rent concessions or lower rents? Getting the attention of your residents is an important first step in any renewal strategy.

With the biggest sporting event just around the corner (in case you’re living under a rock – the Seahawks and the Patriots will meet in Phoenix on February 1st), the Super Bowl may be a great opportunity to make a super splash with your residents.  It’s a perfect time to remind them of why they selected your property to begin with.  Perhaps it was the Wine Wednesday events, the well-equipped fitness center or the community gardens; whatever the reason, any resident event is an opportunity to retain your residents.  Events don’t need to break the bank and, in fact, usually pay for themselves with just one renewal.

Here are some ideas for the Super Party (or any future event):

  • Use napkins pre-printed with various amenities and fun slogans
  • Have cups and affix a property label highlighting activities you host for residents, not just the property logo (they probably know where they live)
  • Create name badges for the property so residents continue to meet new people (it’s difficult to leave a community when they have made friends of their neighbors
  • Dedicate a staff member to introduce residents to each other
  • Bring in an iPad stand with iPad so residents can tag themselves on Facebook or just flip through the pictures
  • Have a goody bag as a take home with a renewal form inside

Remember, your residents chose you for a reason.  Use events to highlight those reasons, build a loyalty program and remember to ask them to renew.  And turn Super Parties into Super Renewals with just a little more effort.


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