Do You Know What’s Trending?

Do you know what’s trending? We talk about trends, we see them in newsfeeds and social media. But navigating website design trends, boosting SEO, maximizing SEM, targeting PPC, engaging Social Media…post, edit, click, like, ahhhhhh. It can get overwhelming for even the experts. At the end of the day, behind all the curtains…good digital marketing comes down to knowing your customer and your location. Every market is different and digital trends differ from region to region. Look at your Social conversations, twitter may be the ultimate experience in one location and fall flat in the next. Customers are smarter about participating, searching, shopping and comparing. They can sniff through the fake or impersonal. The goal for us all is the same; convert your digital leads into foot traffic through your front door.

1) Do your homework first. Think about your end user and the experience you are trying to convey.

2) Know your market. Are you speaking to hipsters or a Wall Street crowd? Where do your potential residents shop, what clothes do they like, where do they eat? This all effects your digital marketing channels and the pizazz you need to infuse them with.

3) Know your message. Keep it simple and specific to your audience. How do they like to interact? What do they participate in?

We work tirelessly to look at markets in fresh ways with a team of designers, visionaries and experienced residential marketers. We break it down and put it back together with targeted requirements and strategic approaches. We have to like it, but it has to make sense for the end user. Hey, we watch the trends, but still have a special place in our heart for the fanny pack.

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