A Glimpse Into the Future of Senior Living

I couldn’t wait to turn 15. Just the thought of, legally, being able to drive a car, albeit with my parents tagging along, was exhilarating. The time seemed to drag on and on, though. However, I kept my eyes focused on that day in 1989. Fast forward to my twenties, where driving was more of a chore than the exhilaration I felt during my younger years (Milk? I’ll get it! More groceries? Send me!), time just wouldn’t stand still. Weeks turned to months, then years. Before I knew it I celebrated my 41st birthday but didn’t really feel like I should really be 41. That’s when it hit me – time is flying by, so much has changed, and the last 15 years look nothing like it will in another 15.

In our agency, we focus on senior living, or senior housing, apartments and communities as much as we do for student housing or multifamily marketing. However, the one thing we have noticed in the past 15 years is the growth, no, surge, in marketing to the senior community online. While some of the senior demographic may not be doing the actual search for a trusted senior community, you can bet their adult children and grandchildren are searching online.  The art of senior living is also changing to offer many vibrant options for extending each resident’s talent through art, music and community.  It is important to be able to relate that in a smart, inviting digital format as well as in your collateral.

Statistically, an online search for senior living is the first place people go to learn more about a community. However, finding that senior living website is the first hurdle many operators or managers face. While there are plenty of services offering paid listings and such, your competitors are also on those same pages. Here’s what we suggest for senior living communities who want more eyeballs on their website:

  1. Invest in a website domain name that is unique to each community. Google loves that. And if Google loves that, that means better search results for you.
  2. Make sure the website content is relevant to your residents and their families. Google loves that too.
  3. Invest in a strategic pay-per-click (PPC) campaign manager that will research the right keywords for you, adjust your website content to fit those results and monitor your monthly spend.
  4. Ask for reports. Data will show you whether the right campaigns are in place. Traffic to your community will show you whether the strategy is working.
  5. Don’t be afraid to change things up sometimes. If you have a special event or promotion that you’d like folks to know about – build a campaign about it. We recently did a similar campaign that resulted in a 200% increase in website traffic from last year.

While driving may no longer excite me like it once did, where marketing will be in the next 15 years certainly does. We Thresholdians are the leading folks driving an agency that helps senior living communities with their marketing. We’re working to provide a glimpse into the future of senior living.

If we can help you, give us a call.

Happy Marketing!


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