Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Mama Mia you don’t have to live in Chicago, read The Book of Mormon or be An American in Paris to deliver Wicked marketing while increasing Rent.

If you work in the residential housing business, you know its lights, camera and ACTION all day, everyday. So if this were New York’s theatre district we would focus on lighting, set design, the script and the actors. Each of these elements is an opportunity to sign a lease or a renewal. Our business offers the same opportunity everyday to roll camera, shoot and get it right. So grab the clapboard!

Lighting-What is your focus? You have to have a strong message, intent or story. If you are a new community in lease-up mode…ask what makes you different: the architecture, the location or some great new concierge-type of service?

Set Design-How is your community staged online? What does your website look like? Have you looked at your Google Analytics to access your bounce rate and time spent on each page? Does your photography draw people in? What colors are you using, does the mood reflect the lifestyle and demographic of your clientele? It’s about getting their attention, keeping their attention and getting their feet in the front door.

Script-Are your employees trained on the art of conversation and the sale. What are your best closing tools? Do you ‘role play’ proactive scenarios to get the conversation focused and meaningful? How do you answer the phone, respond to emails, and greet people as they walk in the door?

The Actors– Whether you are in student living, senior living or multi-family, you know your greatest asset is your actors (your staff) and their art of conversation and communication style. In the residential business, communication is key to success. You need ability to communicate that only comes from experience. In this business, experience is the best teacher. Whether you start as a Community Assistant at a student housing community, a General Manager on a multi-million dollar conventional high-rise, or a corporate marketing director or trainer…..the experience and language you learn in this industry is priceless. That experience is the WOW factor.

So stage your asset right, get your props set and your people the tools to blow your audience away with charm, information and a welcoming attitude. And then sit back and enjoy the positive reviews (and leases!)

-End Scene-






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