Thrills, Chills and Renewals!

Halloween comes and goes each year during one of the most celebrated seasons of the year, Fall! The leaves, temperatures and décor all change, so why not change up a few things around your community? It’s not too early to search for amazing Halloween decorations and start thinking about what kind of experience you’d like your residents to have this ‘early renewal’ season. After all, we are the anti-vacancy agency and we know empty apartments are VERY scary!

There are many creative ways to get residents involved (and tweeting about it) and excited about Halloween and their community, so we will stick with five ideas to connect your community this year.

Dressing up on Halloween is so much fun, why not get the most out of your costume and dress up twice? Hosting a Halloween costume contest for residents is a great event for your community. Offer gift certificates and door prizes for your residents on Instagram and twitter for the most likes and shares (create a hashtag for the event!). Create cataGORIES (get it!?!) for scariest, goriest or funniest characters. Students love the art of the perfect selfie—use it to your advantage! Serve Halloween inspired snacks and drinks, there are a lot of amazing ideas on Pinterest that are affordable and fun! Include residents in a pre-party Pinterest challenge to get a menu vote going!

If you want to take Halloween to another level, host a haunted clubhouse to show off all your amenities. Who doesn’t love a Zombie Yoga class? Or Zombie crawl through the property. Decorate from floor to ceiling with haunted house inspired decorations or create a haunted maze for residents to go through with scary roadblocks to really get the blood flowing! You can even create a poll on Facebook to engage residents to help decorate or create themes for each space. Student also love contests—so make the prize a free pizza a month til the end of the year.

A less elaborate, but still extremely festive way to get your residents into the spirit is a door-decorating contest. Each resident can fill out their name and apartment number if they want to compete. Have a first, second and third place winner, depending on how many residents participate. This way the exterior of the building comes to life and it’s extremely affordable for the property management and the residents. Post all the pictures leading up to ‘Judgement Day’ to get people excited.

Halloween isn’t Halloween without a pumpkin carving/painting contest! Start off with decorating the community with your company logo and fun designs. Then invite residents to share in the fun! Prizes and snacks can be provided but the pumpkin is BYOP. Add a pet costume contest to the mix and you have a great evening! Barktober Fest never looked so good!

Last but definitely not least is a community trick or treating event. Encourage residents to dress up and meet each other. You can have it all around the community including the clubhouse. Not all residents will want to participate by dressing up but it’s always fun getting free candy!

Now that you have some Halloween tricks to treat your community in the spirit of the season, be proactive! If you are planning on hosting an event, call Threshold to spook up your event flyers or check out Shop Threshold for glow-in-the-dark promos. Start doing the easy things like setting out free candy at the office and putting up a few decorations around the clubhouse. Halloween is a spooktacular holiday and a great way to start capturing those early renewals. No cobwebs on this leasing crew! Let Threshold Agency help make your Halloween event supernatural!!!!

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