Waterloo’s Cognitive Systems ready to change the wireless world.

Carve partnered with Quantum Valley Investments’ Cognitive Systems to begin a 2-year process of developing a strategic branding campaign to unveil their new technology that will forever change the way we use wireless signals.

Cognitive has created a platform which is able to see and process invisible radio frequencies (i.e. the wireless network spectrum). Further to this, the platform can provide businesses and consumers to use these signals to improve their environments and lives.


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The platform consists of the main device – amera™ (which includes the R10 supercomputer chip),  fyrefly™, myst™ and amerapps™. The platform has immediate capabilities to change home security as we know it today, provide spectrum analysis for large corporations, handle device identification, manage network security and much more.

Carve’s team developed an integrated campaign that consisted of:

  • Brand identification design
  • Brand story creation and ad campaign development
  • Video
  • Web development
  • Packaging design
  • North American wide PR campaign
  • Social Media strategy

When Cognitive came out of stealth mode, the results for the campaign were outstanding. The brand was being written about in key media outlets including Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, New York Times, Techcrunch, Reuters, Globe & Mail, and PCMag. The buzz of this new platform was felt on social media, resulting in strong sharing, retweeting and liking.

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