A New Age in Senior Living Marketing

The first challenge for any senior living marketing team is to make sure their target audience finds their property. Whether that’s online or through word of mouth, it doesn’t matter so long as you’re getting in front of both the potential residents and their children, as both end up playing a role in the decision making process.

Unlike with multifamily marketing or student housing marketing, senior housing marketing requires convincing decision makers that your community can play the role of both host and caretaker. A fancy apartment is great, but the community must also display an understanding of the senior’s individual needs. That’s not to say senior living industry doesn’t follow the “luxury amenities” trend. Just take a look at the luxury amenities available in some assisted living communities.

  • Beauty salons
  • Treetop dining terraces
  • Virtual workouts
  • Demonstration kitchens
  • Destination dining at local bars and restaurants
  • Locally-sourced food prepared by executive chefs
  • Golf simulators
  • On-site concierges
  • Art galleries

Some of the communities we work with go as far as to offer Smart Home technologies, giving seniors the ability to turn off lights, adjust thermostats and even close their blinds without ever having to get up.

Memory Care is another emerging area that some communities are really beginning to focus on. Some high end senior living complexes use sight and smell therapy to revive their residents’ memories. By decorating with carefully selected objects and styles from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, community caretakers are able to continuously take seniors on trips down memory lane. Care providers are finding this to be an extremely effective way to to enhance their residents’ memories.  

This nostalgia-based approach has been shown to take the stress out of memory care for seniors. Its a more passive approach to memory improvement. Instead of framing memory care as a sort of class where seniors have to work hard to improve their minds, this approach integrated memory care into everyday life. Besides room decor, certain kinds of music can be another form of memory care.

Some of our senior living clients actually partner with a group called Music and Memory, which provides seniors with iPods that contain preloaded, personalized playlists. The music can tap into deep, long forgotten memories that have not yet been lost to dementia. In some instances, it can even bring back certain parts of a resident’s personality. Caretakers have reported instances in which a resident has listened to the playlist, then rediscovered their ability to converse and socialize.

Beyond caring for their residents, many senior living communities are beginning to care for the environment too. After all, Baby Boomers were once—and in many in cases, still are—the generation responsible for bringing the issue of climate change into the mainstream consciousness.

Most new assisted living buildings are built to adhere to the EPA’s Energy Star standards. A smaller, but still significant percentage of new buildings use renewable energy like solar power, or have eco-friendly practices like serving their residents vegetables grown in organic gardens and providing locally sourced food in the dining room. With so much competition in the senior living market, new communities have to find ways to set themselves apart.

If your community needs to set itself apart with beautiful marketing materials, Threshold can handle all your senior living design needs for websites, brochures, information packets and more. We can also improve your community’s digital presence, which might be necessary since more and more seniors are using smartphone technology. Give us a call today.

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