4 Tips for Marketing to Students or Professionals

Here at Threshold, we spend most days developing, creating and executing apartment marketing ideas for our clients. However, we’ve always been more than a marketing agency; we’re the Anti-Vacancy Agency. Many members of our marketing team come from previous careers in the residential industry, which, combined with years of experience interacting with residential industry clients, allows us to take on a more consolatory role when necessary for a client’s success.


In this week’s blog post, we’ll share some tips for property managers. Although we aren’t property managers, we interact with our clients every day and have picked up on some things along the way. In fact, one of our main selling points has always been the fact that we’re a third-party to the residential industry. Our unique perspective helps us provide clients with unique leasing marketing ideas.


Turn your Apartment Community into an Actual Community


As the Anti-Vacancy Agency, we make sure all our marketing efforts are developed with the end goal of getting vacancies filled and leases signed. Creating a sense of community at your apartment complex may sound like the kind of fluff that doesn’t translate to financial success, but that’s just not true.


Resident events, giveaways, door-decorating contests and pet costume contests may found frivolous, but they’re all key components of year-round resident retention efforts. Residents simply don’t want to leave communities where they have friends, familiarity with staff and opportunities to fill their social calendar. Whether you’re marketing to students, young professionals or senior citizens, creating a community within your complex is vitally important to long-term success.


In 2017, Being Resident-Friendly Means Being Pet-Friendly


According to the Washington Post, “Three-fourths of Americans in their 30s have dogs. That compares to 50 percent of the overall population with dogs”


Millennials love their pets, and what millennial renters want, millennial renters get. That’s probably because they are:


  1. The largest generation
  2. The renting generation


The days of “No Pets Allowed” signs and strict breed restrictions are long gone, at least for apartment communities that want to continue to be successful. Apartment managers can make residents with pets feel welcome by hosting pet events at the property and having giveaways that are specially designed to appeal to pet owners. It’s a pet owner’s world, we’re just living in it.



Remember, Your Property’s Online Presence Matters

Whether we’re talking about your property’s social media pages or the actual property website, your digital presence demands as much maintenance and upkeep as your physical apartment complex. Like chipped paint on the side of your building, prospective residents notice when your digital presence isn’t maintained. Keeping up digital appearances is no easy task, requiring once-weekly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. That’s why of our clients use Threshold’s Social Media Management services to free them up to handle other tasks.

Sometimes, Residents Need Reminders

There’s nothing wrong with sending emails to residents now and again, but you don’t want to overdo it. That being said, residents do want to know that their management company or property manager is communicative. Sending out emails reminding residents to renew is a perfect way to show residents that you’re paying attention and available to help them out at any time.

You can count on the fact that your residents are being bombarded by ads and offers from other apartments in the area. That’s why it’s important for you to make your presence known every once in a while, whether it’s through a renewal reminder, an event invitation or a simple check-in to see if they’re willing to fill out a survey.

Threshold can you out with any of the aforementioned tips, so don’t hesitate to contact one of our residential marketing experts today.

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