4 Luxury Apartment Marketing Ideas and Strategies

If you’re going to convince a renter to pay for luxury amenities, upscale finishes and detailed décor, your apartment marketing ideas need to be amplified by high end marketing materials. There are other ways to sway these types of renters towards deciding to sign a lease at your property, but it starts with professional, upscale marketing.


Standard communities are forced to justify their rates by providing features that are worth the price. Luxury communities, on the other hand, don’t necessarily have to justify the price. Truly luxurious brands are luxurious because they are only accessible by a limited portion of the population, and the price creates that exclusivity. All that’s left to do is match the exclusive feel in the marketing materials.


You’ll need to use emotive messaging, high quality images and superior design of course, but these elements only work when they’re created by apartment marketing professionals using professional printing services and inventive material structure.


  1. The luxury is in the details


Minor elements like unique brochure structure, use of digital animation and high-end promo items make all the difference when marketing a luxury community. These small details let people know that there’s something special at your community; a community they can be a part of when they sign a lease. Every little detail should reinforce the idea of luxury. Even something as small as a typo in brochure copy will turn off luxury renters. They plan on paying for the best, so they expect something close to perfection.


  1. Upscale apartments require upscale marketing materials


High end apartments deserve high end production. You need bright, original images taken by a professional photographer or illustrated by an experienced graphic designer. You’re also going to want to use high end print production that leverages the industry’s most innovative printing methods and materials.


If you don’t decide to use professional services to amplify your leasing marketing ideas, your competitors will. High-end renters are used to high-end materials, and they know quality when they see it. For that reason, it’s a revenue-damaging mistake to cut corners on marketing materials for luxury communities.


  1. Luxury isn’t for everybody — find your audience.


Understand the different wants and needs that a luxury apartment renter has, compared to a standard apartment renter. Make sure your apartment marketing ideas take an emotional angle. People who rent luxury apartments factor both practicality and appearances into their decision. Luxury renters want to feel like they’re buying something that will make them feel cool, suave, and elite. If you just lay out the basics of your apartment, they might be impressed, but they won’t be engaged.


It takes creative design and compelling copy to stir up emotion. At Threshold, we market luxury communities by playing up the lifestyle that accompanies the apartment, sometimes even more than we talk about the apartment itself.


  1. Fine tune your messaging


People seeking luxury properties care about different things than those seeking standard properties. If you’re marketing to students and their parents, those renters want to hear about the amenities like an on-site fitness center, resort-style pool and Smart Home technology.


A family that’s just looking for a place to call home is going to care more about features like access to green spaces, neighborhood walkability and the reputation of the school district. You don’t have to have a luxury community to be able to talk about those things in your marketing materials, in fact, you don’t even need high-end marketing materials to talk about those advantages.


Threshold delivers detailed, impressive marketing materials for all kinds of communities, but we love creating an air of sophistication around our luxury communities. Contact us today for a free consultation to start applying luxury to your brand.

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