3 New Digital Apartment Marketing Ideas and Services

In the latest blog from Threshold/Carve, we break down three new digital apartment marketing ideas that we’re rolling out for our clients. These new services are part of our agency’s broader effort to keep our clients five steps ahead of their competitors.

New Service: Gmail Ads
 Here’s a number to consider: 900 million. That’s the number of Gmail users worldwide. With an audience like that, it was only a matter of time before Google allowed advertisers to serve ads within Gmail. We’ve been serving Gmail ads for clients for a few weeks now, and they’ve already proven to be highly effective.
People click on these advertisements at a surprisingly high rate. One reason could be that the Gmail ads look less like advertisements and more like emails. The ads appear at the top of the user’s inbox and can include a 25-character headline and a 100-character main body.
Gmail ads offer endless targeting opportunities. Our favorite targeting method is something called, “contextual keyword targeting.” Although this sounds complicated, it’s really not. This feature allows advertisers to target people who’ve gotten emails that contain specific keywords — a useful feature for targeting people who are searching for apartments and condos.

New Service: IP Targeting
Everyone knows that location is the most important factor in the real estate market, but it may soon be the number one tool for marketers as well. With that in mind, let’s take a look at one of our newest digital marketing services; IP Targeting.
The IP Targeting systems at Threshold/Carve allow advertisers to deliver personalized content to specific users. As you may know, every Internet-connected device has a specific IP (Internet Protocol) address that is tied to its location. Advertisers used to be limited to targeting cities or regions, but now they can put ads in front of specific households, neighborhoods and apartment complexes based on an IP address. That’s right — you can now place your ads in front of the competitors’ residents.
Everyone is looking for ways to make marketing more efficient and effective. IP Targeting is one way that Threshold/Carve clients stay ahead of the curve on this issue. After all, it’s easy to craft persuasive messaging when you’re targeting specific individuals.
Let’s say a competitor of yours is behind schedule on renovating their pool and workout facilities, and residents-to-be are upset about having to wait. With hyper-targeted apartment marketing, you can serve ads to these people with messaging that speaks to their pain points. This is a far more effective marketing method than simply running a generic advertisement to promote your property.

New Service: Facebook Lead Gen Ads
Facebook advertising is hyper-effective because it allows for so many levels of targeting. Marketers can target their ads based on people’s interests, age, location, and university— all of which are especially useful targeting tools for our student housing marketing clients.
Facebook lead gen ads add another component to the traditional Facebook advertisement; a contact form. By serving a contact form to Facebook (and Instagram) users, marketers can collect contact info and follow up with potential customers.
As is the case with most Facebook ads, the lead gen ads are highly customizable. Marketers can tailor the contact forms to ask questions that pertain to their specific industry. Plus, the leads can be connected to a CRM like Salesforce or MailChimp. People have never been more willing to share their personal information, and Facebook lead gen ads make it easy to collect that info.
For more information on the digital services offered by Threshold/Carve, send us an email or give us a call.

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