How to Use Landing Pages to Convert More Leads

This post is part of our Guest Blog Series, and was written by Brittany — one of our Client Success Managers.
Does your website have strategy behind it’s design? Do you use multiple pages to track user behavior and keep customers in the sales funnel? If not, we’ve got some digital marketing ideas for apartments that can help you catch up with cutting edge web practices.
Let’s talk about landing pages.

What is a landing page?
A landing page is a simple web page that contains basic information users need to make a decision on an action. Users generally arrive on the landing page by clicking on an ad. The page usually contains photos, copy that matches the ad, a call-to-action, and a contact form. The goal of a landing page is to control the user’s journey in order to get to a desired outcome.

Why do you need one for your digital campaign?
Think about your website for a moment. Think about all of the tabs in the navigation and all of the copy on each page. Now think about your digital ads. They probably say something like “3 months free on luxury Houston apartments!” If someone clicks your ad and is taken to a website that’s rich with copy and calls-to-action, do you think they’ll take the time to click around and find the hidden information about the current special? Most likely not.
The user may have only clicked the ad because the special caught their eye, not because they were in the mood to search for apartments. We only have a few seconds to keep users engaged, which is why most property websites have high bounce rates.
Landing pages typically just include the info users needs to make a decision, and they’ve got the same exact special and keyword groups that you used in your digital ads, which affirms that the user is in the right place. They should also contain the simple information the user is looking for such as property photos, location map, standout amenities, floor plan examples, prominent calls-to-action, and most importantly, a contact form. Contact forms should make it as easy as possible for the user to get in touch with your on-site team. We recommend asking for the name, email address and optional message box. That’s it. Sometimes, you don’t need to come up with inventive apartment marketing ideas; you just need your on-site team to win over the user with their stellar sales skills.

Need more proof? The numbers speak for themselves.
We have numerous clients in the Houston area with beautiful properties and amazing leasing teams. However, one particular Houston client was struggling to get prospects in the door. We helped them launch a digital campaign complete with search and display ads, as well as geofencing, Gmail and Waze ads. Though their clicks were high, they struggled with conversions because of the amount of information on their website. In December, they had 1,293 clicks and only 3 conversions. Our solution for conversions was to create a landing page that would provide users with the information they need and allow them to quickly get in touch with the property through a contact form.
We launched the landing page in January, and they saw 149 conversions in February and 178 conversions in April!
Make it happen for your property
We love helping our clients achieve their leasing goals by using landing pages to deliver warm leads. We can create custom landing pages that match your branding, or if your budget is tight, we also have template options! Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call today to get more custom apartment complex marketing ideas.

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