More than Marketing Materials: Branding for Apartments

With the number of apartments increasing every year, it’s crucial to create a brand that stands out in oversaturated markets. It’s not enough to have the best amenities, or an ideal location, or even the most innovate apartment marketing ideas and materials. Branding is about much more than the physical attributes of a property; it’s about creating a feeling that residents can relate to, latch on to and be attracted to.
Defining a company’s brand is the most critical step of all messaging and marketing plan development strategies. It is the keystone to a much larger strategic plan and, on which, Threshold/Carve places supreme effort to ensure we unearth compelling branding insights.  

A property’s brand identity is more than a logo and a tagline. It is how a property differentiates itself from the competition while leaving a lasting positive impression in the minds of prospective residents. To build a new property’s brand, we employ a rigorous brand development process that begins with market research.

As part of this research process, we often fly out to various properties around the country. Once there, we’ll conduct surveys of students to better understand what they are looking for in a new place to live. We tour the competing properties to identify opportunities to differentiate. We immerse ourselves in the surrounding community to understand the market and arm ourselves with the knowledge necessary to develop memorable apartment complex marketing ideas.
We combine this qualitative work with our knowledge of the residential industry to craft a clear brand strategy and differentiating points. Using this knowledge, we create a new brand identity for the property. With the new brand identity as our central point, we create a well-rounded suite of marketing materials to supplement the leasing team with sales pieces including website/landing pages, brochure, flyers and email templates.

 These pieces help drive brand awareness, which can ultimately be converted into signed leases.
Threshold/Carve can help you create a brand identity and marketing ideas for apartments that will be sure to stand out against the competition. Get started by to reaching out to a THC team member for advice.

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