Social Advertising: All the Tools You Never Knew About

Social media looks a lot different to marketers than it does to the general public. They see memes and messages from their friends. We see targeted ads, trackable statistics and promoted posts disguised as organic content.
It seems like we as a society use social media more than we use all other websites combined. That, plus the fact that social media offers endless tracking and targeting possibilities, explains why social media advertising is such an effective digital marketing method. In the post below, we’ll explain why it’s our favorite vehicle for apartment complex marketing ideas.

Social advertising allows businesses to get their message in front of their ideal customers. They’ll see, hear and remember your brand because it appears on the websites and apps they use most often. Social ads only work, however, if they’re both creative AND strategic.

Any ad can make an impression, but social media targeting tools allow you to make that impression on your ideal audience. Only by combining old school creativity with modern targeting methods and tools can you harness the full power of social media marketing for your apartment marketing ideas.
Every social ad should be three things: targeted, trackable, and flexible.
Targeted because Facebook lets businesses put their ads in front of specific, customized audiences. These audiences can be customized based on their interests, demographic information, location and countless other variables.
Trackable because social media marketing doesn’t end when the ad is created. Businesses should analyze the results by reading through customized reports that show clicks, impressions, and actions taken by their target audience.
Flexible because unlike with most advertising platforms ads, the final version of a social ad doesn’t have to be the final version. Ads can and should change as specials change. If businesses need to boost impressions or lower spend, they can make it happen in real-time.
Once you understand why social ads work so well, you can begin to tweak and test all the different elements of your campaign. Here are three things we’ve learned by experimenting with different methods.

  1. The most successful ads include special offers. When specials are shown, we’ve seen click-through-rates jump to nearly 3X the industry average. Social media marketing is cutting edge, but it doesn’t take a whiz kid to figure out that people like to feel like they’re getting a good deal. 
  2. Switching from standard Facebook ads to their new carousel ads — which show rotating images — can boost engagement and lower cost per click. When businesses use Facebook’s new advertising tools, Facebook rewards the businesses by giving their ads a higher Ad Relevancy Score.
  3. Hyper-focused markets lead to successful campaigns. Be sure to target people who might already be inclined to buy your product. For apartment complexes, that means targeting people who might be nearing the end of their current lease.

The tools are out there for you to make your marketing dollars go further. If all this sounds a little daunting, we’re here to help. We’ve been originating digital marketing ideas for apartments for quite some time now, and we’d love to help you figure out how to get the most for your digital marketing dollars. If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to a Threshold/Carve team member today.

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