Project Spotlight: New Condos with a Storied Past

Kitchener-Waterloo is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in Ontario. It’s downtown Innovation District is filled with major tech companies and startup hubs — two industries that are a far cry from the textile and garment manufacturing industry that once defined Kitchener-Waterloo.
Garment Street Condos gets its name from the long-forgotten industry that used to power the town. Because of our experience executing strong apartment marketing ideas, Threshold/Carve was asked to develop the marketing and sales strategy for this flagship condo community while promoting the surrounding urban village that was bought and built by the same property development company.

Revealing the Layers of Garment Street
The team dove headfirst into the project to understand the unique aspects of the location, the condos and the building itself. The condo building needed a strong brand to attract both young buyers and real estate investors. We also saw the need for a creative marketing campaign that would promote the surrounding urban village as a “live, work, play” community.
The bottom line behind all our creative marketing efforts was, of course, sales. Our creative would be judged by the number of quality leads that we attracted, all of which would be stored in an online database of VIP Registrants. The creative efforts would culminate in an on-site sales event where leads would be converted into buyers.
The brand naturally grew out of the name, “Garment Street Condos.” Using phrases like “tailored living,” and “a lifestyle that fits,” we evoked the history of Kitchener-Waterloo while encouraging potential buyers to find their home in this evolving neighborhood.

Building the Buyer Database
By introducing these apartment complex marketing ideas to a digital audience, we targeted buyer funnels such as real estate agents, real estate investors and end users. Digital tools like Facebook and AdWords allowed us to reach key buyers and send them to a landing page where leads were captured and a quality buyer database began to take shape.
This database proved to be our most effective marketing tool. The list of potential buyers received targeted emails that helped form the relationship between Garnet Street and the audience. It wasn’t just about sending a reminder email to tell the buyers to come to the sales event; it was about updating the buyers with developments to the community and helping them feel like they were in the loop at all times. That’s how a trusted relationship is built between buyer and property.
When it came time to turn the digital buyer database into real-world sales, Threshold/Carve provided the Garment Street sales team with a sales center designed to extend the brand experience from external media to in-person sales events. This sales center was equipped with sales tools such as brochures, promo-flyers and designed floor plans that helped the sales team convert registrants into buyers.
In the end, Threshold/Carve helped Garment Street gather over 1,200 quality leads in just 3 months. Buyers were lining up at 6 am to participate in the one-night-only sales event, a phenomenon that attracted plenty of extra media attention. Ultimately, the condos sold out within the first hour of the event. That online database turned into hundreds of purchased condos, all thanks to authentic branding and strategic digital marketing ideas for apartments.
Want to generate 1,200 leads for your property? Get in touch with a Threshold/Carve team member today.

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