How to Turn a Condo into a Celebrity

Twenty-seven stories. It’s hard to sell that twenty-seven stories of condominiums, especially in one of the most competitive real estate markets in Canada. One of Ontario’s largest high-rise condo developers came to us with this problem, and we solved it through distinctive branding and powerful apartment complex marketing ideas.

Located in downtown Kitchener and on the edge of the city’s stunning Victoria Park, this 27-story condominium would stand out visually whether we named it or not. Still, Threshold set out to attract certain kinds of buyers; young professionals and real estate investors. The high rise would need avant-garde branding that reflected the local art scene.

Turning a Condo into a Celebrity

One idea quickly emerged from brainstorm sessions as a winner; Charlie West. It would be a persona; a name that happened to be a nod to the building’s address on Charles St. West. Building on this persona, we created a campaign with actionable messages like – “Meet Charlie West.” The whole idea was to create a “celebrity” feeling around the new high-rise.

A buyer database that delivers results

Even the best marketing ideas for apartments are useless without a sound strategy. Our digital team quickly went to work getting the Charlie West persona in front of an audience that included real estate agents, brokers, investors and end users. Using Facebook ads and AdWords, we pushed our audience towards a landing page that collected leads and built a database of buyer info. Once the database was built, the digital team began sending out automated emails to do two things; provide registrants with updates and establish a relationship with prospective buyers.

The database built, Threshold went to work building out the physical sales center. That brand experience — which we’d worked so hard to create online — needed to extend to the real world. Through scale models, signage and touchscreen kiosks, we helped the sales team with their goal of closing the sale and hosting memorable events for people who’d registered online. The city was buzzing about Charlie West — the newest celebrity in town.

Sealing the deal with sales

When it came time to sell the condos, people came in droves. The sales event required entrance management due to the volume of attendees. Local media coverage drove even more buzz and awareness. In just four months, the digital marketing efforts delivered 1,000 quality leads. By the time the sales events were over, more than 80% of the condos were sold. That’s the power of celebrity.

Strong apartment marketing ideas can have this effect. If you’d like ideas that drive results for your property, get in touch with a Threshold team member today.

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