Threshold is Making Photography and Videography Easier For Your Real Estate Brand


Seeing is believing, so stunning photos and video are a must when it comes to today’s competitive real estate market and the fleeting attention of modern consumers. High-quality visuals make a huge impact on the effectiveness of both digital and traditional marketing, from display ads to brochures. Not only that, but bad photos or video can have the opposite effect, communicating to your prospects that your property is as low in quality as the visuals that represent it. In other words, photos and video are essential, but not just any photo or video will do.

At Threshold, we work a lot with property visuals as we create marketing assets for our clients, and we’ve seen how big a difference professional photography and videography makes on marketing results. That’s why we’re officially rolling out new Photography and Videography Services for our clients, many of whom want to take advantage of high-quality visuals but don’t want to endure a lot of hassle to get them.

How It Works

Threshold will leverage its expertise and resources to simplify your service experience and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. You’ll start by talking with a Client Success Manager to select a Photography or Videography package that’s right for you.

Our packages range from a basic 3-hour photoshoot of the exterior of your property to a full-day shoot capturing up to ten different locations throughout your community. You might choose to include drone footage, shots of the neighborhood, or just combine existing assets to create a professional video. Whatever your needs, we can make it happen.

Once you’ve selected your package, Threshold will help you prepare for the shoot or compile existing assets, using our expertise to guide you toward the highest quality outcomes. We’ll connect you with a trusted professional photographer or videographer and oversee the shot list, the shoot itself (where applicable), and the entire production process to ensure things progress smoothly. Finally, we ensure that you have your professionally-edited photos or video in hand by the agreed-upon deadline. You’ll walk away with high-quality visual assets to implement on your website, in digital campaigns, in print media, on your social posts, and anywhere else you want to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re already one of our fantastic clients, then reach out to your Client Success Manager to get started! Or if you’re new to the Threshold fam, you can reach out to our team here—we look forward to meeting you!

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