Inspire Your Audience With YouTube Services by Threshold

Video continues to dominate content strategy across the digital landscape, making it more advantageous than ever to incorporate YouTube advertising into your digital media strategy. In fact, YouTube is the second most popular search engine today, so taking advantage of this platform means you’re poised to capture lots more attention from users who are actually ready to make decisions. Not only that, but you’ll have the option of leveraging a variety of ad types across the YouTube platform, each with the ability to drive different actions and increase brand awareness. In other words, you can inspire and excite your audience more than ever before and get the results to match.

We recommend YouTube video ads for anyone looking to heighten audience engagement and conversions. YouTube ads make a particularly strong retargeting strategy, inspiring users who are already searching for housing in your area to emotionally connect with your brand and actively imagine themselves at your property. That’s because video ads have the power to communicate a mood and message more effectively than static ads alone, using a variety of images, movement, audio, and written copy to tap into your audience’s wants, needs, and dreams. It’s also because YouTube benefits from Google’s flexible and powerful targeting capabilities based on search behaviors, video topics, and user demographics, allowing you to reach prospects who are most ready to convert.

How It Works

When you sign up for our YouTube services, Threshold will recommend a YouTube advertising strategy based on your goals and spend budget. We will then work with you to define your success metrics, identifying the goals we can expect to reach at key milestones, starting with three months after launch.

Our packages allow you to choose between one video ad each month or every two months and campaign management and optimizations at monthly or bi-weekly frequencies. You can also opt for the addition of location extensions to your ads as well as our help in setting up a basic or branded YouTube channel for your property. We can help you ensure the package you select fits both your marketing needs and your budget.

To get ready for your first campaign launch, we’ll gather existing assets (such as high-quality property photos or video clips) or contract with a specialized YouTube videographer to conduct an on-site video shoot at your community. Once we have the necessary assets, we’ll arrange for our existing video editors to create a polished video ad that engages and excites your audience while delivering key information they need to convert. Our digital team will then help you implement the ad effectively, leveraging YouTube’s powerful targeting options.

If you’re already one of our fantastic clients, then reach out to your Client Success Manager to get started! Or if you’re new to the Threshold fam, you can reach out to our team here—we look forward to meeting you!

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