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ArborView is an Active Adult (62+) apartment community in Austin, Texas designed to meet the needs and preferences of today’s engaged seniors. Combining comprehensive security and a la carte services, this community provides residents a maintenance-free lifestyle with endless opportunities to socialize, try new things, and pursue enhanced well-being at a practical, value-based price point.



Prior to opening



For the property in nov 2020

a new brand
was developed in


With comprehensive assets

the problem to solve

ArborView came to Threshold just a few months after breaking ground needing help with their naming, branding, and digital marketing to get the word out about their new community. Faced with a dense housing market and many competitors in the area, they needed to establish a cohesive, identifiable brand that would help them show off their community’s uniqueness. More specifically, they needed this new brand to evoke feelings of aspiration and empowerment that would appeal to potential residents.

the dream

The client hoped to build a senior living brand centered on the active and entertaining lifestyle that awaits its residents in the hopes of ultimately becoming the most sought out place to live in the Circle C neighborhood of South Austin. To begin, they needed not just a brand identity but also a full portfolio of branded marketing collateral to help build awareness and put their new property on the map before opening for leasing in February 2021.

the strategy

naming & brand development

Beginning with the name, logo, and brand guidelines, we worked with the client to develop a cohesive brand identity that would speak to the unique qualities of the property and appeal to active seniors. From these considerations, ArborView was born. It’s name, logo, and brand colors highlighted the stunning natural environs of the community. Meanwhile, we expanded on this concept through a brand manifesto and other messaging guidelines that highlighted themes of activity, opportunity, empowerment, safety, and ease.

print media

Once we had established the branding, we got to work on some of the most essential assets the community would need to begin building awareness and enticing prospects, including floor plans, stationery, and a brochure.

web development

Because today’s seniors are more technologically savvy than ever, another top priority was the creation of a conversion-optimized landing page. Designing and developing this page would allow the property to show off what made the community special and generate early leads from their new digital ad campaigns, which were next on our list of priorities.

search & social ad campaigns

Especially during the lockdown of 2020, it was essential that we empower this new community with digital means of building awareness and generating website traffic to begin earning leads as early as possible. Google Search Ads and display ads on Facebook would enable the client to reach their target audience while they were actively searching and during their normal online browsing behaviors.

addressable ad campaigns

Finally addressable campaigns served to supplement the awareness-building and lead generation of our other digital marketing campaigns while offering even more refined targeting options that enabled us to zero in on the target audience with enhanced accuracy. Specifically, this strategy allowed us to target our ads based on housing situation, home value, age range, and number of individuals in a household, meaning we could effectively reach local residents and empty nesters who may be interested in finding simpler living in an adult community.


that proved our strategy worked.

During one of the most challenging leasing seasons in recent history, we helped the brand new ArborView community achieve remarkable results and emerge as an exciting new brand in the Circle C neighborhood.

Aiding our marketing success was the agility of our initial branding efforts, which allowed us to begin building awareness well in advance of the property’s open date. To put it concretely, we created comprehensive branding and marketing materials as well as a landing page in just 4 months.

This swift start enabled us to launch digital campaigns that would bring in early leads and allow the community to get a head start on their lease-up goals. Awareness quickly began to build after we launched our strategic mix of digital ads, driving a surge in organic searches for the property, which improved month-over-month and peaked in November 2020 at 40 branded searches. Even more exciting was the fact that Threshold brought in 165 online conversions over the course of 4 months before ArborView even opened its doors for tours through our Search, Social and an Addressable Market campaigns!

And the digital successes don’t end there. Through industry expertise and monthly optimizations, we maintained a steady 4.92%< conversion rate (compared to the industry average of 3.23%) for Search campaigns and earned the client 90 leads from just Facebook alone. These creative & digital successes combined led to signed leases well in advance of the property’s official open date.

organic searches


For the property in Nov 2020


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