Dynamic Websites with Lasting Impact - a case study.

PeakMade is a collection of real estate brands committed to building communities that put people first. With a large portfolio of properties, PeakMade ensures that each resident is understood thanks to a team that customizes the experience across their various markets.

PeakMade approached Threshold to partner together to design, build, and execute four website templates specifically created to serve their 3rd-party managed student portfolio.

Comparing the performance of PeakMade’s pay-per-click campaigns year-over-year from pre-templated Threshold websites to post:

claremont collegiate apartments in claremont, ca. saw:


Increase in Conversion Rate
Decrease in Cost Per Conversion

university gateway in los angeles, ca. saw:

Increase in Conversion Rate
Decrease in Cost Per Conversion

the problem to solve

These website templates would give PeakMade the ability to address four major goals:

  1. More flexibility in design and functionality, creating the feel of a custom website at a template cost
  2. Compete in the market at a high level with evolved website designs
  3. Enhanced SEO performance that drives leads at the lowest cost and fastest pace
  4. Increase website performance, driving lead capture and conversion

the dream

We wanted to not only simplify website development but also provide their portfolio with a marketing tool that amplified lead generation. Each template design was to be innovative, with thoughtful movement of content to engage the viewer while not overwhelming them.

the strategy

Phase 1

Templated designs

Threshold created four wireframe designs for PeakMade, optimized for real estate projects while also considering how each property’s branding could be easily applied to differentiate the property and make every website feel unique. The seamless UX sets these PeakMade websites apart from their competitors’ thanks to using heatmap data to identify each wireframe’s layout and structure.

When it came time for development, we created each website in a new system that allowed both teams to better collaborate on the project. PeakMade was given the customization they needed for various design modules, and we were able to break our structured website process to work more simultaneously on designs, thus reducing each website’s time to launch.

Phase 2

Custom website integrations

Up until now, Entrata’s API allowed only floor plan pricing to be pulled into websites. Threshold built a custom integration for Entrata that retrieves several data points such as property floor plan details, availability, pricing, specials, and general property promotions, leveraging automation and increasing website accuracy and sustainability. This API can easily be applied to one property website or an entire portfolio.

tell me more about this integration

Threshold’s custom PeakMade templated designs and integration go far beyond the current property website capabilities, allowing property managers to:
  • Set a custom pricing label option for floor plans with the ability to customize individual floor plan specials and floor plan name options
  • Introduce a rent pricing override option for quick and easy discounted pricing updates when needed
  • Create specials and offers that automatically remove themselves from the website when they expire

What does this mean for the property management teams?

  • Information refreshes automatically
  • No more spending precious hours updating leasing information or submitting requests through your website provider
  • User-friendly back-end access to make certain edits on their own, without having to wait the standard 24-72 hour agency request turnaround time
  • Focus on leasing and know that the property’s website is accurate and up-to-date

Threshold’s custom Entrata integration provides PeakMade property leads with a seamless leasing experience, making them more likely to convert.


that proved our strategy worked.

PeakMade Website CaseStudy ForDev

How fast do you need a website? Because Threshold and PeakMade launched several of these custom website templates in only 26 business days.
But the results don’t stop there.

When switching their property websites from Entrata templated designs to Threshold’s customized solution, PeakMade saw some dramatic improvements.

Taking a sample of 10 property websites from 2022-2023, the PeakMade team saw the following changes:

average time on a website
increased by


Seconds Across All Sites

an engagement rate
increase of


a goal conversion
rate increase of


Additionally, the most notable property improvement came from Paloma West Midtown in Atlanta, GA., with results that included:

average time on a website
increased by


Minutes and 18 Seconds

an engagement rate
increase of


a conversion rate
increase of an astounding



“Switching to the Threshold website platform allows us to react faster and integrate innovative tools to continue to evolve the digital experience for our customers.”

Tyler Homes, PeakMade Real Estate Digital Marketing Manager

Collectively, it can be seen that using the Entrata designs and limited plugins was costing PeakMade properties conversions. By working in conjunction with Threshold, these four website templates not only look better than the previous property websites, but they also provide a much-improved user experience that’s consistently resulting in better website engagement and higher lease numbers.


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