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Seaway Coworking offers flexible office solutions in Kingston, Ontario for the modern work environment. The company’s main goal is to support businesses to a point where they actually outgrow Seaway’s coworking services. This is the place where businesses start small, build their team, and then grow to new heights outside of Seaway.

Seaway Coworking’s flexible and community-oriented services attract entrepreneurs who are looking to build their businesses and need the space to do so. With roughly 50 members in their space at any given time, including 30 fixed desks, large upstairs offices, and 15-20 flex desks, Seaway Coworking attracts “people doing different things, coming together” to drive change.

Hosting multiple accelerator and innovation programs in partnership with Queens University, Seaway Coworking’s events and multi-purpose space help drive an entrepreneurial spirit in Kingston residents.



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the problem to solve

After opening in late 2019, right before the Covid-19 pandemic, Seaway Coworking experienced low membership signups. Without a website and due to the pandemic lockdown and distancing restrictions at the time, they had a difficult time attracting new members. While they had a membership relationship with Queens University and St. Lawrence College, they needed to attract more members to fill their desks and flex spaces. We planned to generate awareness and signups for Seaway through a new website and digital marketing campaign.

the dream

We knew Seaway Coworking had the potential to become the solution for many businesses moving forward, as the pandemic was about to change the way in which many of us work. We knew our marketing could make Seaway a profitable business through new member sign-ups, office space leases, and improvements to the space.

the strategy

Phase 1

A new website

We needed to get Seaway Coworking on the map and get the Kingston community to know who they were and what they could offer local workers and entrepreneurs. A website was a big way to do this. With no assets, branded photography, or videos, we started from scratch to build a website that was designed to increase sales.

After launching in September 2021, we saw dramatic growth.

Phase 2

An awareness & lead generation campaign

Once we had somewhere to drive leads—Seaway’s amazing new website—we launched a digital marketing campaign in October 2021. Deploying a mix of Google tactics, we created brand awareness and drove leads with a focus on messaging around Seaway Coworking’s event space.

Seaway was seeing no profit come through events they were hosting in the past, and we looked to make that service profitable by dedicating a portion of their budget to this targeted ad messaging.


that proved our strategy worked.

Sometimes the proof speaks for itself, and in this case, the proof is pretty darn great. In fact, Seaway Coworking’s sales increased by 29% after launching their website in September 2021. Once we started running ads around their event space services, Seaway saw their sales targets exceed by 2x for over six months.

An increase in sign-ups for Seaway Coworking’s services meant they could actually raise their prices to meet the demand:

  • Their day-pass usage went up by 10x since they first opened, allowing them to raise the cost of the monthly pass
  • The demand for flex memberships continues to grow, allowing Seaway to triple the cost of this service

And the large upstairs offices? Not even 30% were leased when Seaway first opened, and now they remain at a steady rate of 85% leased for long-term office leases.

We identified Seaway’s most valuable customer, delivering results that have increasingly exceeded their targets. This meant that they could decrease their marketing budget in October 2022 and allocate those funds to other parts of its business. Are you wowed yet?

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