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“Switching to the Threshold website platform allows us to react faster and integrate innovative tools to continue to evolve the digital experience for our customers.”

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The reason I’ve stayed at Threshold for the last 4 years is the people. Our THeam is built of passionate people who love what they do and kill it every day. This leads me to the second reason I’ve stuck around; our results. We’ve delivered amazing creative projects and digital marketing results for our clients, and it’s something I’m proud to be a part of.

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Working at Threshold has been an absolute joy for me. I am based in the Philippines, which is halfway across the globe – but I never feel far away from my peers. My Theam members never fail to make me feel involved, appreciated, and guided. Always looking forward to work days because of the fun community we have!

Culture 1

During my time with Threshold, I think I’ve grown more than I have in any role previously. With such vast exposure to various clients and projects, I’ve had the chance to broaden my understanding of branding and creative work. I’ve also been challenged with tasks that require working with those across various departments, allowing me to gain leadership skills and help propel Threshold forward as a company. All this while working with some of the most driven, passionate, funny, and humble people I’ve come to know. The THeam here is so incredibly supportive and I wouldn’t want to be on this ride with anyone else.

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