Budgeting For Your Residential Marketing Plan

My Fantasy Football season started this year to dismal results.  Despite being projected to win by 15 points, I lost by over 40.  At one point (Sunday) I just stopped checking the scores.  Some of my guys fumbled the ball, others were benched – bad start.

How is this relevant to digital marketing?  Well, I did my homework – Googling all I could about the 2013 projections, what strategy worked best in the draft and how to align players compared to my opposition.  I spent a huge amount of time online (yes I should have been working, but it’s football and I have a need to win against my cousins…lots of therapy sessions couldn’t fix it).  The point is, the information I needed was online and that’s where I turned…from my phone, my iPad, my computer, you name it.  I was searching and scribbling.

Like me, renters and buyers and landlords are all turning to whatever screen they have to search for new places, old places, cool places, the “it” places.  But, are they finding the right place (a-hem, your place)?


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