Sign Spotting for Residential Marketing

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs. They direct us. They educate us. They speak to us and they inspire us to make decisions. You might think using signage for your business or property is too expensive, do you know your options? Do you know how to make that signage pop? Grab eyeballs? Turn heads? We do at Threshold Agency….

Here’s the scoop from an industry perspective. The U.S. Small Business Association reports that “on-premise signage is the most effective form of advertising.” You might consider some exterior signage on your property to be an old school approach or even lackluster, but consider this…it is 24/7 advertising at a one-time cost. Seems obvious, right? Welcome to the world of possibility and sign spotting in residential marketing.

With the right partner agency, your approach and design can increase your presence in the market and even more importantly the foot traffic into your leasing center! Some of our signage options may not be new to you, but they are they competitively priced for any budget. Our design approach is all about building your brand.

Cheap yard stake/bootleg/bandit signs. Yah, we said it. You’ve seen them, simple bandit signs that at the property across the street, next door, down the road and sprinkling roadsides everywhere. They just got you to notice them. Never underestimate the simple, easy tools of the trade. These signs are a cost effective approach to reaching prospective residents daily. Now, what if you want to stand out amongst the crowd? What is a way to be unique and show personality? How do you make the leap from simple to innovative? We challenge you to step out of the constraints of the rectangle (notice we didn’t say box) and show you have personality. Take the simple bandit sign size and try adding some fun; have them cut into shapes. BAM! You’ve just stepped up your game and started building your brand. With the current emoji craze in full swing, why not add some humor and personality to that message? Rather than saying your community is pet friendly on a rectangle sign, say it on a paw… “Monthly Yappy Hour.”

You’ve got great eye-catching signs, but what if the passerby isn’t quite ready to commit? Hit the refresh button! Commuting is routine and often the sights that remain the same over extended periods of time are glanced over. Think curb appeal, you change the landscaping; change your signs. Seasonal colors or adding dimension can add enough change to stay…well, refreshed! That’s why updating your exterior signage is crucial. It keeps the drivers/walkers/cyclist engaged.

Did you notice we threw in the word color? Do you know that you can use color to communicate to your market? While honoring your branding, we can introduce colors that some researchers say evoke more response from viewers. Does the property next door have security problems? We would consider adding blue to your signage because blue conveys trust. Is it summer and you’re in that last leasing push, yellow induces impulse. Do you have more amenities than your neighbor? That alone makes your property more exciting then the competitors? Hello RED! BAM!

Finally, we suggest adding the option we fondly call ol’ faithful…the vinyl banner. Updating the art, messaging and color approach also applies to banners. Their advantage is well, their real estate, yes we just made a funny. Seriously, they have a larger surface area for more information as well as lifestyle or property images. The key with ol’ faithful is installation. Often we see banners with wrinkles and sagging sections. It’s so important to get this right. First impression of your property is priceless. Having it installed correctly shows prospects you take care of your community. You will take care of them. You just signed another lease. Yes, that was another funny! #GoThresholdorGoHome

Get seen.

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