Thresh Faces: Kelly Cavener

Name: Kelly Cavener

Title: Art Director

Creating apartment marketing materials that pop off the page takes talent and hard work. That’s why we have Kelly here to bring all of our student housing marketing ideas to life.

Get to know Kelly below!

What are 3 words you would use to describe Threshold?

Creative, Adaptive, Experts

If you had an office nickname, what would it be?


What is your favorite line from a movie?

“I’m different from the rest… To them, life is nothing but a fear of dying.” Julius Caeser from “Cleopatra”

If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you bring?

1. adhesive 2. a big knife 3. a knife sharpener

What is the title of your autobiography?

Creativity: The Greatest Weapon.

What is/would be your motto or slogan?

If you are green, you are growing. If you are ripe, you are dead.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Mind control of others.

What is your hidden talent?


If you were famous, what would it be for?

My kindness.

Favorite Austin eats?

Tom Kha at Saps Thai

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