Thresh Faces: Haley McCarley

Name: Haley McCarley

Title: Digital Marketing Specialist

Haley takes apartment marketing ideas and turns them into dynamic social media campaigns, effective PPC ads and a whole lot more. Her student housing marketing knowledge helps the entire digital team get a leg up on the competition, keeping CTRs high and spirits even higher.

Get to know Haley below!

What are 3 words you would use to describe Threshold?

Organized, Excited, Inventive

If you had an office nickname, what would it be?

“The lone female on the digital team”

What is your favorite line from a movie?

“Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you bring?

Paddleboard, Dos Equis, and The Harry Potter series

What is the title of your autobiography?

How Haley Got Her Groove Back

What is/would be your motto or slogan?

Hook ’em horns m/

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Flying, so I wouldn’t ever have to drive or park in Austin again

What is your hidden talent?

I am pretty awesome at doing makeup, even though I rarely wear it ;P

If you were famous, what would it be for?

Longest Netflix binge in the world

Favorite Austin eats?

Homeslice Pizza and Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Changes Coming to Adwords for Multifamily Marketing Industry

Changes Coming to Adwords for Multifamily Marketing Industry

Digital multifamily marketing and student housing marketing are dynamic industries, and we at Threshold pride ourselves on consistently working on the cutting edge. Today we’re talking about an update to Google Adwords that will affect many of our current and future clients.

Google is doubling its ad text limit, meaning the 25-character limit on headlines will be scrapped in favor of two 30-character headlines. More text will be allowed the description too, as Adwords switches from two 35-character lines to one 80-character description line.

According to Google, “Starting October 26th, 2016, AdWords will no longer support the creation or editing of standard text ads,” meaning all ads running after that date will be in the expanded text format. There’s no reason not to take Google up on their offer to include more text, since competitors surely will be saying more in their ads as well.

Google decided to make the change after considering what an Adwords ad would look like if it was invented today, in a mobile-first world. Screen space is the big factor here. The new expanded ads have a more succinct URL display, allowing more room for relevant text and a larger presence on the mobile screen.

URL’s will only show the initial domain name, so instead of showing:

The ad will only show:

..but still take users to the specific page on the site.

So what’s the takeaway? Extended text ads will only add to the importance of strong messages and concise copy. When every advertiser can say more, what each advertiser says becomes the differentiator. Consumers will get more information about the link that they’re being asked to click, and advertisers will be able to push more relevant information to the user to entice them to click on the ad.

A larger ad with more information should mean higher click-through-rates, but monitoring CTRs is still going to be key. All the Adwords tools associated with standard text ads will be compatible with expanded ads, so the Threshold digital team will continue monitoring the variables in different campaigns to see which words and phrases are proving most effective for our clients.

Innovative apartment marketing ideas are the most successful when they’re brought to life with the right tools. As Google makes changes to their product to fit a mobile-first world, they will also be eliminating the mobile pop-up ad. Websites that use pop-up ads will soon be devalued in search results. Since Google SEO has become the guideline when creating websites, you can say goodbye to pop-up ads as Google phases them out. Threshold’s team of digital marketers has already begun implementing extended text ads with success, and will continue to stay ahead of mobile pop-up changes to create effective, measurable campaigns for our clients.

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