We’ve got the power to help your brand make waves.

We harness years of real estate marketing experience to generate leads, fill vacancies, and sell out high-end condos. Our creative team can help you leverage stunning design, compelling copy, savvy content marketing, and more.

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Whether building your brand from scratch or refreshing it with a new campaign, our creative department will help show your audience who you are and why they should care. We’ll get to work on design assets and creative content that tells your brand’s story with an artistry and attention to detail that will be remembered and shared.

  • • Logo Design
  • • Brand Guidelines
  • • Community Collateral
  • • Signage (temporary and permanent)
  • • Lease Space/Sales Center Murals
  • • Floor Plans and Other Designs
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Our creative department works tirelessly to produce unforgettable print materials, from simple stationery to elaborate leasing and sales center design. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage the process from proof to final production or installation, ensuring your media is both stunning and timely.

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Seeing is believing, so stunning photos and video are a must when it comes to today's competitive real estate market. We'll create the best shot list and manage the entire production process and on-site shoot so that you walk away with amazing assets that make prospects want to see it all themselves.

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As a full-service marketing agency, our Client Success team not only knows marketing, but we're also fortunate to have worked on-site and in residential corporate environments. With our combined 248 years in building superior residential marketing brands, we're poised to help you identify successful messaging and strategic content marketing plans, give an impartial perspective on specific market demographics and feasibility, or help implement a creative strategy across an entire portfolio of properties. Whatever your need, we're ready to consult with you and help you see things through.

Market Messaging

Creating the right message for the right demographic is a critical first-step for any community. We help you answer the following questions:

  • What is your market differentiator/What makes you unique?
  • What is your potential?
  • Where do you fit in?
  • How do you connect the dots?

Threshold provides:

  • Analysis of property collateral both online and off
  • Analysis of competition collateral both online and off
  • Demographic intercept surveys
  • Development of property brand story and tagline
  • Recommended demographic targets

Focus Groups

Sometimes a property or a market needs a deeper dive to uncover key messaging that will help you develop a more concise brand message or reposition a property after an acquisition. Threshold can help you:

  • Schedule, plan and execute focus groups across the country
  • Provide analysis and review of the focus group
  • Develop customized execution and messaging guidelines

Property Naming and Positioning

Given the increased competition in the multifamily, senior housing, and student housing spaces, naming a property can have a big impact on marketing efforts.

Threshold helps you explore:

  • Target demographic definition, rental habits and marketing history
  • Local customs/traditions/history
  • Intercept surveys of potential residents in the market
  • Key insights and identification of potential competitors
  • Name and positioning options

Public Relations & Crisis Communication

Whether building your industry reputation or communicating effectively with your residents, our public relations services give you the tools to build stronger relationships with people and organizations that are most important to you.

In times of crisis, we will be by your side helping you protect your brand and your investments by coordinating with media to communicate your message to the public and to correct any misinformation. We’ll also make sure you communicate important information to your residents and key partners at the right time and in the right way.

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